Thursday, May 14, 2009


May 14 - June 16 2009

We just brought home Louie from the shelter today. He is a young Pointer mix, with one of the most adorable faces EVER. :D
He's only about 5 months old.

First impressions:
He learned the dog door in about 30 seconds. In and out.
He is super smart, and very attentive.

If you are interested in adopting Louie, contact me! :D

I LOVE Louie. Oh my gosh, he is a wonderful dog!
He is sweet, and smart. He listens, and is super quick to learn everything that we are teaching him. I hope that he finds an exceptional home, he deserves it!

Louie has been such a great dog. He got to go to another foster home for about 10 days while our family went on vacation, and we picked him back up when we got home.
He's had a couple people who were interested in him, but none of them worked out for him.
He is on his way to Helen Woodward in the morning, and if he gets accepted there, they will hopefully find him a fantastic home quickly.

6-16 Louie got accepted at HWAC! Hopefully they will find him a wonderful home quickly. :D I will miss him terribly, but am so happy for him!