Sunday, February 28, 2010



Wally was pulled from the shelter and went to a different foster home, but it turned out that one of the other dogs in the home didn't like him much, so they called us and we went and got him. He's been here for a couple days.

Wally is a 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. He is adorable, and sweet, and gorgeous..... and deaf.

I've never had a deaf dog before, and it is a bit of a challenge. He doesn't have any training that I can tell, and is not housebroken.
He loves to be with us though, and will follow me around the house.
Right now he is sleeping by my feet.

He's got a wonderful personality, and I can tell that he wants to learn, and he wants to do what is asked of him.
I just need to learn how to ask him so that he'll understand.

I've been learning all I can online about deaf dogs, and their needs, and how to communicate with them. I hope that I'm up for the challenge. I almost wish that I didn't have any other dogs right now, so that I could spend a lot more time with just him. Though he LOVES the other dogs, and is doing really great with them.

We are getting a vibrating remote collar for him, should be in the mail in a few days. It's used to get his attention and have him look at you, so that you can give him a command, or let him know what he should be doing.
I'm looking forward to working with him on that.

There is a Walker Coonhound rescue in CA that we will be contacting soon to see if they have better resources to be able to care for Wally. If they do, then we'll be driving him there when they can take him.

We took him to the dog park today, and he was so good. What a sweet boy.


I LOVE this boy.

He is just so amazing and wonderful and sweet.

We tried him at HWAC, but he got rejected because his back legs are a little wonky for their standards.

Today he went to the Coon Hound Rescue in El Cajon California. I wasn't able to make this trip, and I regret that.. I wish that I could have seen him off. But that's ok.

They already have someone coming to look at him on Saturday!

Here's hoping that they are able to find him a fantastic forever home.

I miss him terribly already.


Got a call today from the woman who adopted Wally! YAY! She said that he's doing GREAT. I was so happy that I cried. :) HE deserves it! What a great dog!



Dakota was an owner release, from a family who was losing their home. They called me and after talking to them for awhile, I realized that Dakota is Kolbe's brother!

I love having him here, he is SUCH a sweet boy. I love looking at him and knowing what Kolbe possibly looks like too.

Dakota is a pistol, and holds his own with the big dogs! He thinks he owns the coveted big dog bed in the livingroom. LOL!


Dakota is the best puppy ever. He is so well behaved, and has the greatest personality! I love his little attitude, and how he 'talks' to us. His body language is just adorable.

He got adopted today by a wonderful family who drove up from Vegas to meet him. They loved him right away, and the first thing Dakota did was go up to the baby and lick his face. Awww.

Dakota now has a new best buddy, and they will grow up together. A boy and his dog. I love it. What a perfect home for little Dakota!

They have already sent me some photos and said that I could share them.

E-mail from Dakota's new family:

His trip home was uneventful, although he did not cotton to the cage, so we let him loose in the mini-van and he laid down and went to sleep almost immediately.
We got him Beneful Puppy Chow for healthy growing puppies and a pet bed, but he captured ours instead, as well as our hearts ... :o) He is God Sent and a wonderful spirit!
Thank you all sooooooooo very much!!!

God Bless,
J*, S*, A* & Dakota

Sunday, February 21, 2010



Banjo was one of the 8 dogs that we pulled from the shelter the same time that we got Star and Kirby.
He's been at Apple Valley for awhile as we didn't have a foster home for him.
Just recently he went to a foster home, but he didn't get along well with one of their dogs, so we went and got him this afternoon.

He is a big goofy puppy with a lot of energy. He is BIG. 10 months old, but a little bigger than Kirby. He's got a great outgoing personality and has a lot of love!

He is going to HWAC with us on Tuesday, and we hope he gets accepted there!


Nope. Banjo was rejected from HWAC because they said that he has some anxiety that needs to be worked on. They were really great and told me ways that I can work with him, certain things to do, and what not to do.

He was SO great in the hotel overnight, and on the trip home. He's a big goof, just a big puppy, but he has a heart of gold. He really is a great dog, and I hope that we can find him a great family where he will be loved like he deserves.


I'm really enjoying having Banjo here. He's got such a neat personality, and is so full of love. He is cuddly, and is great to just sit next to me and let me pet him.
He can be a little toy possessive, but when there are so many dogs around, you've got to claim what is yours, right? LOL

He's a sweet boy, and I just love the big lug.


Banjo went on a long weekend with a great guy who was interested in adopting him. Banjo really responded well to him at the dog park, and after visiting with J for quite some time, I feel confident that this is a great match for Banjo (and vice versa!).

J isn't able to take Banjo home with him quite yet as he has some prior engagements that he needs to take care of first. No problem at all, as Banjo loves it here, and we love having him!
He will get to see his new dad next week for a couple days, then he will get to go to his forever home the end of the month.
YAY for Banjo! I'm so happy for him.

Banjo is another example of The Maggie Theory. There was a reason he didn't get accepted at HWAC. *grin*


Banjo went home tonight! Read the rest of his story HERE.



Lorraine and I drove to Enterprise to get Keeya from the shelter there before she was put down.
When she came running up to Lorraine, for a minute I thought it was Obi, and my heart stopped. LOL.

Keeya is a bit smaller, and a little stockier than Obi was, but she has the same gorgeous fur, and the sweetest face.

She is energetic and oh so loving!

We only had her for 2 nights, then she was adopted at our event on Saturday! WOO HOO! They fell in love with her, and she loved the attention that she was getting. :)

She was a big teddy bear, and I'm so glad that we were able to have her for a couple days. :) What a doll.

Ups and Downs. The Joy and the Tears.


*sigh* This is one of the hardest things, emotionally. To be so excited about something, and so happy, then the very next day get a blow that knocks you on your butt.

Luna is back. It's awful, and has been very hard on the guy who adopted her. Luna became aggressive on the golf course. We are all shocked, and don't know how to even respond to it. This was SO not typical Luna behavior.

The guy who adopted her said that he thinks she bonded so quickly and so strongly to him that she became instantly protective. Over-protective. And he feels like she thought people were invading 'his' space, and she needed to protect him. She chased down a group of golfers, and actually cornered an elderly woman. He took her out of the situation, calmed her down, then took her back out again, and she did the same thing with a different group of golfers.

We were all discussing it, because it is SO NOT Luna behavior, and realized that he was working hard with Luna for a couple days, teaching her to chase and remove anything on the golf course. He was asking her to do that, and she did it. Too well. She was so eager to do whatever he asked, that even though she knew it was wrong to chase people, she thought that was what he wanted. They were on her course, and they were to be removed. That was her job.

Silly girl is too smart for her own good.

I honestly feel that is what happened.

So anyway, she is back with us, and settling back in. She's been a little off, I think she's adjusting to everything that she's been through in the last few weeks.

I'm prepared to accept her as a long term foster. When Wade and I were talking today about the dogs, he said 'our 3 girls and the 4 fosters'. Yeah. I think we might have both accepted it. And embraced it. :)
I won't stop looking for a home for her. But I'm not going to be disappointed if she doesn't find one. She is happy here. And we love her.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Oh what a GREAT week!
(Click on the dogs' names for original Starfish entries)

Jasmine's adoption was finalized today! She and Kiya are sisters now! YAY! She couldn't have gone to a better home. I'm SO happy for her. :)

Star's adoption was final today as well! She is doing SO great after her surgery, and is being spoiled and loved like she deserves with her new family. She looks so happy, and as content as she can be. Her new name is Piper. It totally fits her!

Serra is on another foster trial to see if she is a good fit for their family. We have high hopes about this one, and are keeping our fingers crossed!

But the best, most wonderful news... LUNA IS ADOPTED! And it is a perfect fit for her. She gets to be a golf course dog. :) She will go to work every day with her owner, running and doing what she loves. She is their family dog, and has kids to play with when she isn't working.
They said that she is doing great, and they love her.

*doin the happy dance* It's SUCH a great fit for Luna. She is going to absolutely LOVE it. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reba and Renee


Happy Valentine's Day!
H.A.R.T. got a litter of hound pups from the Mesquite shelter today. They are SO adorable!

We get to foster 2 of them till they go to HWAC next Tuesday.

Renee (the one with white on her) is an outgoing loving little pup, with a great personality.

Reba is a little shy, and prefers to spend most of her time outside on her own.

They are both so cute, and are doing great in the house with the other dogs.

It's fun to have puppies here.


Reba and Renee (and their 4 litter mates) were all accepted at HWAC today. They will be found great homes!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trudy spreads the word!


GREAT article in Fabulous & Frugal about pet adoptions, featuring our very own Trew! (Trudy).

>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Asia is a sweet little thing, about 6 months old or so.
She's been at the shelter about as long as Mosey, and needed out today as well. She'll be going to HWAC in the morning, so she's only here for the night.

She is SO sweet, and a little shy.

She and Jasmine got the rips around the yard for about an hour, and it was so freaking cute. It's like they were saying "We are free! We are free! WEEEE!!!!" LOL.

It's fun having her here, even though I know that it's just for tonight.


Asia got accepted at HWAC! They will find her a home quickly, I'm sure. She is such a sweetheart!

Moses Mosey Mo


Mosey has been at the shelter for awhile, and it was time for him to get out.
I can't believe he hadn't been adopted! He is so unbelievably gorgeous!
His eyes are stunning, and he has a beautiful hound voice. (Which he might use a little TOO much).

He's only about 6 months old, and is super skinny, but we'll get him fattened up in no time.

He's very attached to us, and wants to be where he can see us at all times. Right now he's sleeping in a little bed right at my feet, all curled up and content.

What a sweet boy. It's a good thing that I love the sound of a hound... LOL.


Oh I love this boy. He's got such a gorgeous voice, and his personality it just awesome. He is sweet and loving, and freaking adorable!


Mosey got adopted at our event today, but then they called and said that they had changed their minds. No problem... means I get to spend more time with him! I love this little guy, and love having him here.


Mosey is adopted!! YAY!!
These folks drove quite a ways to meet him, and they are really great. I enjoyed visiting with them, and Mosey really liked them too.
Mosey will get to spend most of his year in Canada!
I'm so happy for this little guy. He is such an amazing dog, with an incredible personality. I'm sure that he will love his life with his new family!

I received an E-mail and photo from Mosey's new Mom and Dad today, and they said I could share it here. :)

Thanks very much for your help in saving and then adopting Moses to us.
We had a great drive back yesterday; he is an excellent traveler.

This morning we did a hike; he did really well, no fatigue or foot pad problems.
Mosey is a great dog to train already. He is also a huge hit wherever we go.

We will update with photos as we return home on March 25.
Thanks again for your great work!

I thought you might like a photo of our hike above Palm Springs today.

April 8-2010
New update from Mosey's family...

Just a quick update on Moses (now named Luke by us, as in Cool Hound Luke!) He is very laid back after he has had his exercise.
Here is a photo of Luke in one of our nearby parks back in Canada. He walks very well on leash and we have also had him off leash many times in quiet, remote areas. We trained him to come with liver and other treats and that has worked well. We had him to our vet for a checkup and he is is fine shape and weighed 52 pounds as of two weeks ago.

YAY! I love to get updates, and I love the photo! I think the name Luke fits him perfectly!



Sweet Jasmine came from the shelter today.
She has a great little personality! She's only about 4 months old, and full of life and energy.

She is getting along great with all the dogs here, and was great for her bath!

Right now, she's sound asleep on the coveted dog bed, like she's lived her her whole little life. What a doll.


Jasmine is being fostered by Kiya's mom! How awesome is that?!
We took her over tonight, and Jasmine and Kiya were immediately taken with each other, and played in the living room like long lost buddies.


Jasmine is being adopted by Kiya's family! YAY!!!!! I'm so happy for her. She couldn't be going to a better family. :)


Got a photo today from Jasmine's mom.
This is Jasmine and Kiya. How cute is THAT?!?!

Monday, February 1, 2010



Parker is a great looking boy! He's an Irish Wolfhound who recently was shaved down, due to the amount of mats and grossness in his fur.

He's got such a neat personality, and what an expressive face!
The pictures might be misleading... he is a big boy!
He is one of 5 dogs that we pulled from the shelter today, and he gets to hang out at our house for a couple nights till the next HWAC trip.

Unfortunately, he and Kirby didn't hit it off real well, so Parker is in the side yard/bungalow for tonight.
We'll work on them a little more tomorrow, and see what happens. It's ok if it doesn't work out, because it's only for a day till Parker goes to CA.


Parker didn't get accepted at HWAC. He didn't pass the physical test. He's got some dry skin which is probably from being shaved down and having matted fur for so long.
But he stayed at Mandy's when they got home, and he is doing great there!


Parker got adopted today! WOO HOO!!!!!



Polly is adorable! She is one of 5 dogs that we pulled from the shelters today. She's a 2 year old Rat Terrier.

She is an absolute doll. So sweet, and the ultimate lap dog. She's been cuddled with one of us since we brought her home.

She is getting along great with the other dogs, except that Kirby is being a bit too rough with her. He forgets how big he is I think.

Polly isn't yappy or hyper like a lot of small terriers. She's got a gentle sweet personality. I really really like her. :) What a great little girl.


LOVE this little girl!
It's so fun to have a lap dog. She sits with me all the time, and loves to just be with me. I've taken her with me in the car, and she is on my lap while I'm working too.
What a sweet sweet dog. She's got the greatest personality for a little dog too.. not yappy or excitable.

She got spayed today, and is on a sleepover tonight. I'm hopeful that she's found her forever home already!


Polly's adoption was final today! She has a great home with them. They said that they are going to have to work with her on her housebreaking, but other than that, she is doing really well. YAY!