Sunday, February 28, 2010



Wally was pulled from the shelter and went to a different foster home, but it turned out that one of the other dogs in the home didn't like him much, so they called us and we went and got him. He's been here for a couple days.

Wally is a 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. He is adorable, and sweet, and gorgeous..... and deaf.

I've never had a deaf dog before, and it is a bit of a challenge. He doesn't have any training that I can tell, and is not housebroken.
He loves to be with us though, and will follow me around the house.
Right now he is sleeping by my feet.

He's got a wonderful personality, and I can tell that he wants to learn, and he wants to do what is asked of him.
I just need to learn how to ask him so that he'll understand.

I've been learning all I can online about deaf dogs, and their needs, and how to communicate with them. I hope that I'm up for the challenge. I almost wish that I didn't have any other dogs right now, so that I could spend a lot more time with just him. Though he LOVES the other dogs, and is doing really great with them.

We are getting a vibrating remote collar for him, should be in the mail in a few days. It's used to get his attention and have him look at you, so that you can give him a command, or let him know what he should be doing.
I'm looking forward to working with him on that.

There is a Walker Coonhound rescue in CA that we will be contacting soon to see if they have better resources to be able to care for Wally. If they do, then we'll be driving him there when they can take him.

We took him to the dog park today, and he was so good. What a sweet boy.


I LOVE this boy.

He is just so amazing and wonderful and sweet.

We tried him at HWAC, but he got rejected because his back legs are a little wonky for their standards.

Today he went to the Coon Hound Rescue in El Cajon California. I wasn't able to make this trip, and I regret that.. I wish that I could have seen him off. But that's ok.

They already have someone coming to look at him on Saturday!

Here's hoping that they are able to find him a fantastic forever home.

I miss him terribly already.


Got a call today from the woman who adopted Wally! YAY! She said that he's doing GREAT. I was so happy that I cried. :) HE deserves it! What a great dog!

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