Sunday, February 28, 2010



Dakota was an owner release, from a family who was losing their home. They called me and after talking to them for awhile, I realized that Dakota is Kolbe's brother!

I love having him here, he is SUCH a sweet boy. I love looking at him and knowing what Kolbe possibly looks like too.

Dakota is a pistol, and holds his own with the big dogs! He thinks he owns the coveted big dog bed in the livingroom. LOL!


Dakota is the best puppy ever. He is so well behaved, and has the greatest personality! I love his little attitude, and how he 'talks' to us. His body language is just adorable.

He got adopted today by a wonderful family who drove up from Vegas to meet him. They loved him right away, and the first thing Dakota did was go up to the baby and lick his face. Awww.

Dakota now has a new best buddy, and they will grow up together. A boy and his dog. I love it. What a perfect home for little Dakota!

They have already sent me some photos and said that I could share them.

E-mail from Dakota's new family:

His trip home was uneventful, although he did not cotton to the cage, so we let him loose in the mini-van and he laid down and went to sleep almost immediately.
We got him Beneful Puppy Chow for healthy growing puppies and a pet bed, but he captured ours instead, as well as our hearts ... :o) He is God Sent and a wonderful spirit!
Thank you all sooooooooo very much!!!

God Bless,
J*, S*, A* & Dakota

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