Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moses Mosey Mo


Mosey has been at the shelter for awhile, and it was time for him to get out.
I can't believe he hadn't been adopted! He is so unbelievably gorgeous!
His eyes are stunning, and he has a beautiful hound voice. (Which he might use a little TOO much).

He's only about 6 months old, and is super skinny, but we'll get him fattened up in no time.

He's very attached to us, and wants to be where he can see us at all times. Right now he's sleeping in a little bed right at my feet, all curled up and content.

What a sweet boy. It's a good thing that I love the sound of a hound... LOL.


Oh I love this boy. He's got such a gorgeous voice, and his personality it just awesome. He is sweet and loving, and freaking adorable!


Mosey got adopted at our event today, but then they called and said that they had changed their minds. No problem... means I get to spend more time with him! I love this little guy, and love having him here.


Mosey is adopted!! YAY!!
These folks drove quite a ways to meet him, and they are really great. I enjoyed visiting with them, and Mosey really liked them too.
Mosey will get to spend most of his year in Canada!
I'm so happy for this little guy. He is such an amazing dog, with an incredible personality. I'm sure that he will love his life with his new family!

I received an E-mail and photo from Mosey's new Mom and Dad today, and they said I could share it here. :)

Thanks very much for your help in saving and then adopting Moses to us.
We had a great drive back yesterday; he is an excellent traveler.

This morning we did a hike; he did really well, no fatigue or foot pad problems.
Mosey is a great dog to train already. He is also a huge hit wherever we go.

We will update with photos as we return home on March 25.
Thanks again for your great work!

I thought you might like a photo of our hike above Palm Springs today.

April 8-2010
New update from Mosey's family...

Just a quick update on Moses (now named Luke by us, as in Cool Hound Luke!) He is very laid back after he has had his exercise.
Here is a photo of Luke in one of our nearby parks back in Canada. He walks very well on leash and we have also had him off leash many times in quiet, remote areas. We trained him to come with liver and other treats and that has worked well. We had him to our vet for a checkup and he is is fine shape and weighed 52 pounds as of two weeks ago.

YAY! I love to get updates, and I love the photo! I think the name Luke fits him perfectly!

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