Thursday, February 18, 2010



Oh what a GREAT week!
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Jasmine's adoption was finalized today! She and Kiya are sisters now! YAY! She couldn't have gone to a better home. I'm SO happy for her. :)

Star's adoption was final today as well! She is doing SO great after her surgery, and is being spoiled and loved like she deserves with her new family. She looks so happy, and as content as she can be. Her new name is Piper. It totally fits her!

Serra is on another foster trial to see if she is a good fit for their family. We have high hopes about this one, and are keeping our fingers crossed!

But the best, most wonderful news... LUNA IS ADOPTED! And it is a perfect fit for her. She gets to be a golf course dog. :) She will go to work every day with her owner, running and doing what she loves. She is their family dog, and has kids to play with when she isn't working.
They said that she is doing great, and they love her.

*doin the happy dance* It's SUCH a great fit for Luna. She is going to absolutely LOVE it. :)

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