Friday, December 3, 2010

New fosters and updates. :)

My main computer has been in the shop, so I don't have any of my photos to do an update.
This is basically another place holder till I can get everything caught up. LOL. I wonder how long it will take me to catch up and post photos/stories of my fosters?
It's been too busy, with too much going on. Seems like the Starfish Journal takes a back seat.

UPDATE, JAN 2011: Every one in this post now has their own posts and photos. :) Entries have been updated as well. WHEW! Took me awhile, but it's done. Now, to STAY caught up!)

Annabelle's puppies are all gone. 3 were adopted here in St George: Lorabelle, Mirabelle, and Bluebell. The other 4 found new homes in CA.

Sylva was adopted! *does happy dance* She deserves it. Perfect home for a fantastic dog.

Vera was adopted by Piper's family. She and Piper are great together, and she couldn't have gone to a better home. I'm SO happy for her, I cried many happy tears over that one.

Oakley, Marcus, and Robbie were all accepted at HWAC last week.
I will really really really miss my Robbie Squishy Face. I loved that dog. He was absolutely perfect in every single way.

Moose has been adopted.
Bella is at a different foster home (and loving it!)

We have 2 new fosters:
Turkee was pulled from the shelter. She was picked up as a stray on Thanksgiving day, on the Turkey farm road. So, inevitably, her name had to be Turkee. LOL. She is about 5 months old, and SUCH a sweetheart.

Ellie is a 4 yr old Weimaraner we pulled from the shelter as well. She is a GREAT dog, with a fantastic personality. She looks and acts like an old lady, LOL.

We are also caring for several new dogs that we pulled from the shelter that are currently being kenneled till we find them foster homes:

Tonka. A 5 month old brindle pup who is a fantastic loving sweet little tank of a dog. LOL.
Niko. A 4 month shepherd mix pup who ended up at the shelter when his owner was deployed.
Charlie. A 2 yr old Kelpie/Terrier mix with an exceptional personality. LOVE Charlie. He got another foster home today where he will be loved like he deserves.
Shanell. A 5 month old border collie with an exuberant love of life, LOL. She is such a happy girl.
Six 6-week old pups from the shelter. They are SO cute, and SO messy! LOL. They'll be going to another foster home soon. :)

And Sedona came back from her other foster home today, so we've got her as well. Although right now she's being kenneled because she just can't seem to get along well in a large group of dogs. Hopefully we'll be able to find her another foster home, or a permanent home quickly.

We still have Annabelle, and she is doing great. Finally had her spayed (no more puppies for Mama!) and we are actively looking for her forever home now. :)

SO, at this time, at our house, we have:

And caring for:
6 lab mix puppies

We have an adoption event tomorrow, and we're hoping for some great adoptions!
Hopefully I'll get my computer up and running this weekend so that I can update with photos and everything.