Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I just say....

That I LOVE my Layla?
I do.

There are some dogs that affect me more deeply than others. Layla is one of those. There is just something about her.... she is an older dog, supposedly about 5-6 yrs old, but may be older than that.
She has gone through so much: shelter rescue, tumor removal surgery, etc.

She is bossy with our other dogs, and we've had to work with her constantly. She barks when someone knocks on the door, we have to muzzle her during play time with the other dogs so she doesn't get angry with them for barking, we have to make sure that she doesn't eat with anyone else, I'm constantly having to watch her to make sure that she's not pulling an attitude with the other dogs, she's gotten in a fight TWICE with the other dogs, but, in spite of all that, I just LOVE her. Deeply.

She has got the most incredible personality. The way that she looks at me when I talk to her. She likes to be right with me all the time, (and I don't mind). She can communicate with me completely by just a look.. her eyes say it all. She has such an expressive face.
When Im sitting on the couch, she will sit and look at me, and if I say "Layla, up" she will jump up on the couch next to me and just love me. She has such an incredible capacity for love.

I get such joy from watching her play. She gets so happy, and her entire face changes when she plays. The years just fall off of her when there is a tennis ball or a frisbee involved!

She listens SO well, and is very well behaved. She loves to go on car rides with me, and travels SO great in the car.

I really hope that we can find her a home where they are willing to have only one dog, and where they will give her the love and attention that she deserves. I fear that no one will want to give her the chance, but pray that her perfect family is out there somewhere, just searching for her.

It's my goal to help them find her.

And I know that I will cry like a baby when she leaves me.

Layla got adopted! Read her entry HERE for the full story.
And yes, I cried like a baby.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update for Oscar!

Oscar got adopted today! Click on his link in this post, and scroll to the bottom of his entry for the update!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mikey, again.

Mikey's story starts HERE


Mikey came back to us yesterday. Due to unfortunate circumstances, his family had to move into an apartment and he couldn't go with them, so they asked us to take him back.

I can't believe how much he's grown in just 3 weeks! Holy moly he's huge!

He remembered Ginger and Amikah when we got home last night, and went immediately into puppy play mode. He and Oscar get along great too.

I am sorry that the situation with his family made it so that they couldn't keep him, but I am glad that he came back to us. He'll go to our adoption event on Saturday and hopefully will find a great home. Again.


Mikey has had quite the week and a half. He spent a couple days with a fantastic couple who fell in love with him, but they would be traveling a lot and decided that Mikey may not be the best choice as a traveling dog. They reluctantly let him come back to our house as they were getting ready to leave on a 3 week motorhome trip across the country.

Mikey went to the parade in Hurricane (Peach Days) and was the hit of the day, as always. The kids just LOVE him. Then he spent the rest of the day at our adoption event here in St George.

Saturday evening, a couple from Enoch came to meet him, and decided that it was time that Mikey went home. They promised that once they took him that there would be no situation, nor anything that Mikey could do that would make them give up on him. They assured me that once he becomes a member of their family, it is forever.

They have 2 young girls and a lot of space for him to run and play. I am so happy for him... he definitely deserves some stability and love from a family he can call his own.


Nope. *many tears*
Forever, apparently, isn't very long.

On the day that I was to do Mikey's home check, his new family called and said that they couldn't keep him.

Mikey is very protective of his kids, and wary of men, and that caused an issue in their household. Mikey wouldn't let the dad in the same room where the daughters were.

So, Mikey is back with us, and is just as sweet as ever, going with the tide, happy to be back at our house.


Mikey went to a family in Mesquite for an overnighter. They were very interested in adopting him, and wanted to make sure that he would be ok with their cats and the baby.
Wade and I drove him down, and he seemed to do ok, though he was a bit clingy with us while we were there.

We left him with the understanding that it was just a trial to see how he did. They called us in less than 4 hours to come get him. The husband had an allergic reaction, and was swelled up like a pumpkin. :(

When we went to get him, the woman told us "You should just keep Mikey with you. He loves you guys a lot. He wouldn't stop looking out the window waiting for you to come back and get him.".


I love Mikey, I do. But he needs a home where he will be the center of someone's world. He deserves that, and we can't give it to him.

His home is out there. We'll find it.


Mikey is finally HOME.

Wade and I drove him 2 hours away to meet her, and it was TOTALLY worth the drive.

This woman was just perfect for him. I think she needed him just as much as he needs her. She knows everything about him (And I mean EVERYTHING). I wanted no surprises. She was ok with it all.
She lives alone, no men for Mikey to be wary of.
No kids for him to be protective of.
Nothing fancy in the house for him to ruin.

She is retired, and will be with him all the time.

She even went grocery shopping before we got there to stock up on everything so she wouldn't have to leave him at ALL for several days till he gets settled in.

First thing Mikey did when he met her was put his paw on her and kiss her face. It was love at first sight.

We stayed and visited for quite some time, and Mikey just wandered around exploring. He found a bone that she had left out for him, and brought it into the living room, dropped it at her feet like he was asking if he could have it.
She told him it was his, and he laid right at her feet and chewed on it while we all were visiting.

He didn't cling to us while we were there as he's done at other homes.

She took him out the back door to go for a walk and then Wade and I left, hoping that would fix the 'he wont stop looking out the window for you to come back' issues.

She asked if when she comes to St George to go to Costco sometimes if she can call us and have Mikey come over to play with our dogs while she shops. We think that would be AWESOME.

She told us lots of stories of her past dogs.. one of which had Wade and I in tears.

Here's one of the stories she told us. (grab your kleenex)

Mikey was just gazing into Ginny's eyes while she was petting him, and she said "You have Maggie eyes".
She said it a couple more times to him throughout the visit, then said to us "oh, I need to tell you about my Maggie".

Maggie was her 'ultimate joy' and the best dog she ever had.
She had a disease (I don't remember what it was called) that finally took it's toll on her when she was older. Ginny was out of town when her daughter called and told her that Maggie was real sick and she'd taken her to the vet.

Ginny rushed home, went to the vet and they told her that Maggie was real sick and that they'd have to put her down. She argued with them and said no she's fine.
They told her to go ahead and take her home for the weekend, and to come back in on Monday and they'd discuss what needed to be done.

So she took her from the vet's and went home to spend some time with Maggie.

By Saturday night, Maggie was just so sick that she knew what had to be done, and called the vet. They came into the office special on Sunday just to take care of Ginny and Maggie.

They left the two of them together in the room for awhile, and Ginny held Maggie and told her that she knew that Maggie was holding on because she wanted to make sure that Ginny would be ok. She told her that it was ok to go, and that she'd see her in awhile when she crossed to the other side too.
She just said over and over "it's ok to go baby. I'll be ok. You'll see... I'll be taken care of here, don't worry. You can go."

When the vet came in with the shot for her, Maggie had already died in Ginny's arms.


So then Ginny looks at us (While Wade and I were both in tears) and says "Mikey has Maggie eyes"


I am so happy for Mikey that I can't even express it in words. I just know that this woman won't give up on him. I pray that she won't. I think he's found his final home, and I .... well, I can't finish typing because I'm crying.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New homes! Update for Anni and Cosmo

What a wonderful week! I can't even express my amazement and my joy.

2 dogs were adopted this week, by PERFECTLY matched families.
Both adoptions were just perfect, and it brings tears to my eyes to know that these two amazingly wonderful dogs found homes with people who will love them like they deserve to be loved.

You can read their updates by going to their entries and scrolling down to the bottom:





Wade and I went and got Oscar from the shelter today and brought him home.
He is such a fantastic, gorgeous boy!

He knows all his basic commands, and knows them WELL. He is gentle and well behaved. And that's pretty good for a 2 year old Golden!

He fits in great here, though Layla is trying to show that she is the boss of him. LOL

I have no doubt that we will be able to find him a great home. A dog this fantastic will get snatched up pretty quick!


Oscar got adopted today! They met him yesterday at our adoption event, and wanted him then. They had some work to do on their fence so that it would be secure, and we took Oscar to their home today for the home check and to make sure everything was a good fit. I think it went fantastically, and I was very comfortable with that being his new home. His new person is a teenage boy, and I think that he and Oscar are perfect for each other.

I got a little teary letting him go. I love every dog that comes into my house. Some, though, I love more deeply. Oscar was one of those. I am happy for him, but will miss him terribly.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



I drove to the Enoch shelter today to pick up a mama dog and her 8 pups. We already had a foster home for them, and I was taking them there on my way home from Enoch.

While there, I looked to see if there were any dogs that I could bring home with me, and Cosmo was the one! He is an older dog, probably about 5-6, but still very active. He loves to play ball. LOL

Out of all the dogs that we've brought home over the years, not one of them smelled even HALF as bad as Cosmo did. PHEW!
Let's just say that his bath took a long time. LOL

He is a sweetheart... he's got the gentlest personality, and is so loving. He will go to our adoption event with us this Saturday, and hopefully we will be able to find him a great home.
But for now, he's here, and loving it. He is currently stretched out on the floor right by my computer chair, sound asleep. What a doll.


Cosmo was adopted! Oh my gosh, he couldn't have gone to a more perfect home! I am so happy for him! I get choked up every time I think of how amazing it was that Cosmo and his new dad crossed paths and came in to each others' lives. Truly amazing, and wonderful!

I believe that Cosmo was meant to go live with his new dad. His new dad needed him, as much as Cosmo needed a home. It was a match made in heaven, and I'm blessed to have been a part of it.

*wipes away a tear*

Monday, August 17, 2009



Hoss is an owner release, his family is moving into a smaller home and can't take him with.
We got Hoss on Saturday, and he was adopted Saturday. We never even brought him home with us.

Then his new family called and said that it just wasn't working out, as much as they would have loved it to. Their little girl wasn't quite comfortable around him, so they returned him to us today.

We do have another couple who is interested in Hoss, but we can't do their home check till this evening (they live out of town), so Hoss gets to hang here with us.

He is a big teddy bear. What a sweet dog. BIG, but sweet. He loves the attention the girls are giving him, and he even likes the cats.

So, even if he's only here for today, he still gets a place on the wall here. ;)


We drove Hoss to his new home today. They are great! They've got a huge lot for him to roam around on, and a gorgeous Rottweiler gal for him to play with!

Sunday, August 16, 2009



We have Layla here now.

Layla has a long story...
We took her from the shelter with what we thought was mastitis. Turned out to be a couple large mammary gland tumors, that doc removed. The pathology reports came back BENIGN! YAY.

She is recovering well, and gets her staples out on Thursday. She was in another foster home, but it turned out that she didn't get along well with one of the other dogs in the house, so we were asked if we could take her just for the day till she can be moved to our Apple Valley facility.

She and Ginger have gotten along well so far, but we are being very diligent in watching them, and making sure that no situations arise. I couldn't imagine Layla fighting right now... wouldn't be good for her incisions.

She is a sweetheart, and will make someone a wonderful pet. She is SO smart, and has a great personality. If I was sure that she and Ginger would get along ok, I'd keep her here till she got adopted. But I know it's just a matter of time before they knock heads, so better safe than sorry.

She's good here for now though, and I'm enjoying her company.


Turns out that Layla got to stay here much longer than anticipated. I didn't want to send her to Apple Valley when she was doing so great here, so she'll stay till we can find her a home.

Layla is such an amazing wonderful dog, she really is. She is so well trained, and listens well.

Her biggest downfall: she is bossy and can be aggressive towards the other dogs in the house if she doesn't get her way. We've had issues with her twice: once when Cosmo tried to eat at the same time as her, and once when she and Ginger went for the same ball that I had thrown. Geez, I hate dog fights! There wasn't much blood either time, but it was still traumatic.

Because of this, Layla has to go to a home with no other dogs. It's already going to be hard to place her, because she is older, and this just adds to the problem.

We've been working with her really hard, and she is getting better, but she still has that attitude that we need to fix.

In spite of all that, I REALLY love this dog. She has an incredible heart, and the way that she looks at me... goes right into my soul. She goes everywhere with me (only because I can't leave her here with the other dogs when I'm not home), but she travels so well, and minds me completely.

She will make someone a WONDERFUL companion. The trick is to find someone who is ok with the fact that she wants to be the only dog in the house.



I can't even tell you how happy I am for my Layla.

her new family took her for a sleepover last night, then called me first thing this morning to tell me that they definitely wanted to keep her, so we went to their home and finalized the adoption this evening.

The home check for Layla was PERFECT. There is not one thing I would change about the family who adopted her. When we got there tonight, Layla was TOTALLY in her element, and unbelievably happy.

She slept on the bed with her new mom and dad last night, and N told me how she was rubbing Layla's ears as she was falling asleep, and every time she would stop petting, Layla would nudge her head back under N's hand. N finally moved her hand up and away so she could fall asleep, so Layla scooched all the way up and found her hand again, and that's where she slept all night. *grin*

She was SO happy, and the family is SO perfect for her. I couldn't be happier. They let me have some time alone with her to say goodbye, and she gave me so much love with just a look and a nudge... what an amazing dog. And she went to an amazing family.

I cried all the way home, but these are happy tears. Yes, I'm going to miss my girl. Immensely. But I am so incredibly happy for her. She deserves only the best, and she has it with them.

*sigh* I'm emotionally beat, but oh so so happy.

A very dear friend of mine gave me a hug and said
"it's always good when a starfish hits the water."

Amen, Becky. Amen.


We have updates on these three fosters. All have been adopted!


Scroll down to their entries to read their updates, or click on the links above.
Harli's update comes complete with photos from her new mom!

Also, Abbie was accepted at HWAC last week! That is fantastic news, and I know that they will find her a perfect home. :)



Anni is so unbelievably sweet, your heart melts when you see her. She has these amazing soulful eyes, set in the most adorable face.
She is less than a year old, just a small little Blue Tick Coon Hound.

We got her from her previous owner, removing her from a very abusive situation. She was, apparently, 'too stupid to hunt coons' so her owner was trying to make her mean by abusing her.

I won't go into the whole situation, but lets suffice it to say, that I'm glad she came to us instead of ending up on the wrong end of a shotgun like her owner wanted.

She spent her first few days with Lorraine, and was starting to come out of her shell. Then she came to us while Lorraine is out of town for a few days.

She is scared of everything, sudden movements, noises, doors shutting, everything. Yet, at the same time, she craves attention, and cannot handle being out of eyesight of everyone.
She will let me pet her if I am sitting on the floor and call her quietly.
I love this little girl and want to help her see that not all humans are mean. I want her to know that we will never let anyone hurt her ever again.


This morning, about 1:30 AM, Anni needed to go outside, and I got up to go out with her. She totally went all puppy, and was just this rambunctious little cute thing. I ended up sitting outside with her for about an hour, just watching her play with Amikah, and laughing. It was amazing to see her play like that. She kept bouncing up and down and spinning in circles, and jetting around the yard, with Amikah close on her heels.

I didn't even mind that it was the wee hours of the night. Watching her, and seeing the joy in her play was uplifting and amazing. I didn't want it to end.


Today we took Anni to our adoption event. We weren't expecting to get her adopted, but thought it would be good for her to be around a bunch of different noises and sights.

But sometimes our plans don't go like we are expecting. A young couple was at the farmer's market and saw Anni, and fell in love.
I told them everything about her past, and what she would need to be rehabilitated.
They wanted to take her in and love her and help her be the dog she was meant to be.

It was amazing... I really was expecting to have Anni for a few more months at least before she was adoptable, but these 2 wonderful people walked into her life, and I believe that they are just the people to make a difference for her.

Miracles happen. I've witnessed my share of them, and this one goes on that list.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends has been so fantastic with us, helping us get our feet off the ground. They recently wrote a news story, published on their website, about H.A.R.T.
Little Lightning is highlighted in the story. The article is really well written, just awesome!

You can read the story HERE.

How fantastic is that!

Thank you Sandy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Rocco is a fantastic little guy! About 9 months old, GORGEOUS red Border Collie. His registered name is Sir Roccus, his previous owner called him Roc. He's already been dubbed Rocco here though. LOL

He is doing great, though a little overwhelmed by all the girls. He can run like the WIND, and with a little training will make someone an amazing agility dog.


Well, that was fast! I contacted a Border Collie Rescue in AZ, and they are taking Rocco! The details are still being worked on, but it looks like he'll be going to them on Friday. YAY! It will be great for him there!


Rocco left this morning for Border Collie Rescue. He was a great dog to have here, such a fantastic dog. He loved to play fetch, and was just as ball crazy as our Amikah!
He did NOT like cats, however, so I'm glad that it was only a few days that we had to keep him separated from the cats.

I hope he finds a great home through the rescue! I will update here when I hear news. :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009



Wade went and got Ryder while I was in Salt Lake City for a couple days. She is an ADORABLE little German Wirehaired Pointer, about 3-4 months old. What an absolute doll. :-)

It is a HOOT to see Harli and Ryder (Harley Rider, hahahahaha!) playing together. They just love being together, and have been playing non-stop!


Ryder got adopted! She went to a wonderful home with kids and other dogs. She will be trained as a hunting dog, but will be a companion dog as well. Her new dad has promised me photos of her in training and while hunting, and I'll be sure and post them here when I get them!

I'm so happy for her, but we will miss our little bearded girl.

Friday, August 7, 2009



Lightning is a 3 1/2 month old Shepherd mix. He was an owner release directly to HART. He is SO cute, and very much a puppy.
It was hard to go get him. The owners had to give him up, but that doesn't mean it was easy for them.
I'm used to taking dogs TO their new homes, and the owners being happy. I'm not used to taking a dog from a family and seeing their anguish. :( That was really difficult for me.

I promised them that we would find Lightning a great home, and I intend to keep that promise.


Lightning got adopted! WOW, that was fast! We brought him home on Thursday, he spent Friday at the Vet getting neutered, then he was adopted on Saturday!
We didn't get to spend much time with him at all. I didn't even get any more pictures of him!

I'm going to ask the people who adopted him if I can come over and take a few shots of him, so that I've got some for here. ;)


Still haven't gotten any other photos of Lightning yet, but wanted to get his collage done, even if it's only with one photo. LOL

Lightning's new name is Maximus. (Max for short). He is doing GREAT at his new home!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Harli is an adorable little 4 month old Weimaraner who was dumped at the shelter yesterday.

Our original plan today was to take some photos of her, and get her up on Petfinder, and Craigslist to see if we could get someone up to the shelter to adopt her right away, then if she wasn't adopted by Monday I would take her out.
But when we went to take her for photos this morning, she had a bark collar on. The officer at the shelter said that she had been barking incessantly since she'd gotten there Tuesday.

My heart wrenched, but I held my tongue. We took her out for photos and then, as we had other dogs to photograph, we put her back in her kennel.
Anytime we walk the corridor between the kennels, the dogs all come to their gates and bark.
Poor little Harli was curled up in a ball in the back corner of her kennel just shaking from the effects of the bark collar.

I couldn't leave her there like that, so she came home with me. :-) We're contacting Weimaraner rescue to see if they'll take her, and if not, she can stay with me till we find her a good home.

Oh.... and she hasn't barked once. ;)

She's curled up on one corner of the couch like she's been there her whole little life.


Harli is a HOOT! I just love this little girl. Her personality is so much like our Weim, Amikah. She is spunky, and just full of love. She is completely housebroken now, and runs around like she owns the place, LOL. She adores Ginger. :)


Well, our little Harli got adopted today as well. (Big day in the Freitas Zoo today!)
We had a couple drive up from Vegas to meet her. They brought their two dogs with them, to see how they all got along.
All the dogs did great together (Well, our Ginger was quarantined to the bedroom as I wasn't sure SHE would get along with everyone, lol).
These people were really great, and Harli seemed to really like them. They decided to adopt her, and she went home with them.

Not long after they got home, I got an E-mail from Harli's new mom, with pictures and commentary. She said that I was welcome to share any of the photos here, so the photos that follow are from Harli's new mom.


Got another E-mail from Harli's new mom. It is so awesome to get updates and photos!
She is doing great, learning the rules of her new house and getting on with her new sisters, Sierra and Lakota.

She also got a new name.

Below is part of the E-mail I received:

Hi Cathymomma,

It's me Harli! Well, actually my new name is Angeni (An-jen-ee). My new mommy spent hours and hours looking for the perfect name for me and she finally found it. My name means Spirit Angel in Native American and that what she thinks I am "her little angel". Today was a day of RNR and getting to know my new family. Sierra taught me she's the alpha in our family, while Lakota is unsure of me. Not to worry, I know she'll love me soon, just like Sierra! My new mommy took pictures of me today. I looked at them with her- Am I cute or what????


Angeni and her new sister, Lakota, going for a swim.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Abbie update.

Please scroll all the way down to the bottom of Abbie's entry, HERE for another update. This one is not so good, but just as I share my joys and triumphs, I lean on you all during the setbacks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009



Everyone meet Mikey! He is a 7 month old long haired Shepherd mix. He is absolutely darling! At 7 months old, he is almost the same size as Amikah, so he's going to be a big boy!

We took him from the shelter this morning so that he could go to our H.A.R.T. event and hopefully get adopted. He was the hit of the day, and many people were interested in him. He got to go home with a wonderful woman who fell in love with him, but unfortunately her dogs did not get along with him.

So he got to come to our house, and we'll foster him till we find him a home. I have no doubt that we will be able to find him a fantastic home. He is a great dog, and I know that there is someone out there who is perfect for him!

UPDATE 8-4-09

Mikey got adopted! He went to a wonderful home with 4 children. He seemed to fit right into the family the moment we got to their house with him.
YAY! I'm so happy for him. He was such a love bug. I think he will do great with his new family.

UPDATE: we got Mikey back. His story continues HERE