Friday, August 7, 2009



Lightning is a 3 1/2 month old Shepherd mix. He was an owner release directly to HART. He is SO cute, and very much a puppy.
It was hard to go get him. The owners had to give him up, but that doesn't mean it was easy for them.
I'm used to taking dogs TO their new homes, and the owners being happy. I'm not used to taking a dog from a family and seeing their anguish. :( That was really difficult for me.

I promised them that we would find Lightning a great home, and I intend to keep that promise.


Lightning got adopted! WOW, that was fast! We brought him home on Thursday, he spent Friday at the Vet getting neutered, then he was adopted on Saturday!
We didn't get to spend much time with him at all. I didn't even get any more pictures of him!

I'm going to ask the people who adopted him if I can come over and take a few shots of him, so that I've got some for here. ;)


Still haven't gotten any other photos of Lightning yet, but wanted to get his collage done, even if it's only with one photo. LOL

Lightning's new name is Maximus. (Max for short). He is doing GREAT at his new home!

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