Sunday, August 16, 2009



Anni is so unbelievably sweet, your heart melts when you see her. She has these amazing soulful eyes, set in the most adorable face.
She is less than a year old, just a small little Blue Tick Coon Hound.

We got her from her previous owner, removing her from a very abusive situation. She was, apparently, 'too stupid to hunt coons' so her owner was trying to make her mean by abusing her.

I won't go into the whole situation, but lets suffice it to say, that I'm glad she came to us instead of ending up on the wrong end of a shotgun like her owner wanted.

She spent her first few days with Lorraine, and was starting to come out of her shell. Then she came to us while Lorraine is out of town for a few days.

She is scared of everything, sudden movements, noises, doors shutting, everything. Yet, at the same time, she craves attention, and cannot handle being out of eyesight of everyone.
She will let me pet her if I am sitting on the floor and call her quietly.
I love this little girl and want to help her see that not all humans are mean. I want her to know that we will never let anyone hurt her ever again.


This morning, about 1:30 AM, Anni needed to go outside, and I got up to go out with her. She totally went all puppy, and was just this rambunctious little cute thing. I ended up sitting outside with her for about an hour, just watching her play with Amikah, and laughing. It was amazing to see her play like that. She kept bouncing up and down and spinning in circles, and jetting around the yard, with Amikah close on her heels.

I didn't even mind that it was the wee hours of the night. Watching her, and seeing the joy in her play was uplifting and amazing. I didn't want it to end.


Today we took Anni to our adoption event. We weren't expecting to get her adopted, but thought it would be good for her to be around a bunch of different noises and sights.

But sometimes our plans don't go like we are expecting. A young couple was at the farmer's market and saw Anni, and fell in love.
I told them everything about her past, and what she would need to be rehabilitated.
They wanted to take her in and love her and help her be the dog she was meant to be.

It was amazing... I really was expecting to have Anni for a few more months at least before she was adoptable, but these 2 wonderful people walked into her life, and I believe that they are just the people to make a difference for her.

Miracles happen. I've witnessed my share of them, and this one goes on that list.

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