Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Harli is an adorable little 4 month old Weimaraner who was dumped at the shelter yesterday.

Our original plan today was to take some photos of her, and get her up on Petfinder, and Craigslist to see if we could get someone up to the shelter to adopt her right away, then if she wasn't adopted by Monday I would take her out.
But when we went to take her for photos this morning, she had a bark collar on. The officer at the shelter said that she had been barking incessantly since she'd gotten there Tuesday.

My heart wrenched, but I held my tongue. We took her out for photos and then, as we had other dogs to photograph, we put her back in her kennel.
Anytime we walk the corridor between the kennels, the dogs all come to their gates and bark.
Poor little Harli was curled up in a ball in the back corner of her kennel just shaking from the effects of the bark collar.

I couldn't leave her there like that, so she came home with me. :-) We're contacting Weimaraner rescue to see if they'll take her, and if not, she can stay with me till we find her a good home.

Oh.... and she hasn't barked once. ;)

She's curled up on one corner of the couch like she's been there her whole little life.


Harli is a HOOT! I just love this little girl. Her personality is so much like our Weim, Amikah. She is spunky, and just full of love. She is completely housebroken now, and runs around like she owns the place, LOL. She adores Ginger. :)


Well, our little Harli got adopted today as well. (Big day in the Freitas Zoo today!)
We had a couple drive up from Vegas to meet her. They brought their two dogs with them, to see how they all got along.
All the dogs did great together (Well, our Ginger was quarantined to the bedroom as I wasn't sure SHE would get along with everyone, lol).
These people were really great, and Harli seemed to really like them. They decided to adopt her, and she went home with them.

Not long after they got home, I got an E-mail from Harli's new mom, with pictures and commentary. She said that I was welcome to share any of the photos here, so the photos that follow are from Harli's new mom.


Got another E-mail from Harli's new mom. It is so awesome to get updates and photos!
She is doing great, learning the rules of her new house and getting on with her new sisters, Sierra and Lakota.

She also got a new name.

Below is part of the E-mail I received:

Hi Cathymomma,

It's me Harli! Well, actually my new name is Angeni (An-jen-ee). My new mommy spent hours and hours looking for the perfect name for me and she finally found it. My name means Spirit Angel in Native American and that what she thinks I am "her little angel". Today was a day of RNR and getting to know my new family. Sierra taught me she's the alpha in our family, while Lakota is unsure of me. Not to worry, I know she'll love me soon, just like Sierra! My new mommy took pictures of me today. I looked at them with her- Am I cute or what????


Angeni and her new sister, Lakota, going for a swim.

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