Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mikey, again.

Mikey's story starts HERE


Mikey came back to us yesterday. Due to unfortunate circumstances, his family had to move into an apartment and he couldn't go with them, so they asked us to take him back.

I can't believe how much he's grown in just 3 weeks! Holy moly he's huge!

He remembered Ginger and Amikah when we got home last night, and went immediately into puppy play mode. He and Oscar get along great too.

I am sorry that the situation with his family made it so that they couldn't keep him, but I am glad that he came back to us. He'll go to our adoption event on Saturday and hopefully will find a great home. Again.


Mikey has had quite the week and a half. He spent a couple days with a fantastic couple who fell in love with him, but they would be traveling a lot and decided that Mikey may not be the best choice as a traveling dog. They reluctantly let him come back to our house as they were getting ready to leave on a 3 week motorhome trip across the country.

Mikey went to the parade in Hurricane (Peach Days) and was the hit of the day, as always. The kids just LOVE him. Then he spent the rest of the day at our adoption event here in St George.

Saturday evening, a couple from Enoch came to meet him, and decided that it was time that Mikey went home. They promised that once they took him that there would be no situation, nor anything that Mikey could do that would make them give up on him. They assured me that once he becomes a member of their family, it is forever.

They have 2 young girls and a lot of space for him to run and play. I am so happy for him... he definitely deserves some stability and love from a family he can call his own.


Nope. *many tears*
Forever, apparently, isn't very long.

On the day that I was to do Mikey's home check, his new family called and said that they couldn't keep him.

Mikey is very protective of his kids, and wary of men, and that caused an issue in their household. Mikey wouldn't let the dad in the same room where the daughters were.

So, Mikey is back with us, and is just as sweet as ever, going with the tide, happy to be back at our house.


Mikey went to a family in Mesquite for an overnighter. They were very interested in adopting him, and wanted to make sure that he would be ok with their cats and the baby.
Wade and I drove him down, and he seemed to do ok, though he was a bit clingy with us while we were there.

We left him with the understanding that it was just a trial to see how he did. They called us in less than 4 hours to come get him. The husband had an allergic reaction, and was swelled up like a pumpkin. :(

When we went to get him, the woman told us "You should just keep Mikey with you. He loves you guys a lot. He wouldn't stop looking out the window waiting for you to come back and get him.".


I love Mikey, I do. But he needs a home where he will be the center of someone's world. He deserves that, and we can't give it to him.

His home is out there. We'll find it.


Mikey is finally HOME.

Wade and I drove him 2 hours away to meet her, and it was TOTALLY worth the drive.

This woman was just perfect for him. I think she needed him just as much as he needs her. She knows everything about him (And I mean EVERYTHING). I wanted no surprises. She was ok with it all.
She lives alone, no men for Mikey to be wary of.
No kids for him to be protective of.
Nothing fancy in the house for him to ruin.

She is retired, and will be with him all the time.

She even went grocery shopping before we got there to stock up on everything so she wouldn't have to leave him at ALL for several days till he gets settled in.

First thing Mikey did when he met her was put his paw on her and kiss her face. It was love at first sight.

We stayed and visited for quite some time, and Mikey just wandered around exploring. He found a bone that she had left out for him, and brought it into the living room, dropped it at her feet like he was asking if he could have it.
She told him it was his, and he laid right at her feet and chewed on it while we all were visiting.

He didn't cling to us while we were there as he's done at other homes.

She took him out the back door to go for a walk and then Wade and I left, hoping that would fix the 'he wont stop looking out the window for you to come back' issues.

She asked if when she comes to St George to go to Costco sometimes if she can call us and have Mikey come over to play with our dogs while she shops. We think that would be AWESOME.

She told us lots of stories of her past dogs.. one of which had Wade and I in tears.

Here's one of the stories she told us. (grab your kleenex)

Mikey was just gazing into Ginny's eyes while she was petting him, and she said "You have Maggie eyes".
She said it a couple more times to him throughout the visit, then said to us "oh, I need to tell you about my Maggie".

Maggie was her 'ultimate joy' and the best dog she ever had.
She had a disease (I don't remember what it was called) that finally took it's toll on her when she was older. Ginny was out of town when her daughter called and told her that Maggie was real sick and she'd taken her to the vet.

Ginny rushed home, went to the vet and they told her that Maggie was real sick and that they'd have to put her down. She argued with them and said no she's fine.
They told her to go ahead and take her home for the weekend, and to come back in on Monday and they'd discuss what needed to be done.

So she took her from the vet's and went home to spend some time with Maggie.

By Saturday night, Maggie was just so sick that she knew what had to be done, and called the vet. They came into the office special on Sunday just to take care of Ginny and Maggie.

They left the two of them together in the room for awhile, and Ginny held Maggie and told her that she knew that Maggie was holding on because she wanted to make sure that Ginny would be ok. She told her that it was ok to go, and that she'd see her in awhile when she crossed to the other side too.
She just said over and over "it's ok to go baby. I'll be ok. You'll see... I'll be taken care of here, don't worry. You can go."

When the vet came in with the shot for her, Maggie had already died in Ginny's arms.


So then Ginny looks at us (While Wade and I were both in tears) and says "Mikey has Maggie eyes"


I am so happy for Mikey that I can't even express it in words. I just know that this woman won't give up on him. I pray that she won't. I think he's found his final home, and I .... well, I can't finish typing because I'm crying.

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