Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Sierra


Got Sierra from the shelter today and brought her home.

She is a little overwhelmed with all of the activity here, and she's a little shy, but oh so so sweet.

You know the soft spot I have in my heart for a hound of any kind.

We had gone to the shelter to vaccinate her, and I couldn't leave without her. LOL. I'm a sap.

It's ok though, as Bonnie went to her new home today, a few days early. So we have a space for Sierra. And I'm so glad. :) Thank you Lorraine, for taking Noah, so that we could take Sierra. Give him a big hug for me. :)


Sierra went to her new home today. It was the perfect home for this sweet little girl. We took her with us on our way to HWAC, and dropped her off in Vegas with her new mom and dad.
She is going to have such a great life with them!


I've gotten an update from Sierra's new family!

They've changed her name to Molly, and they say that she is doing GREAT! They love her, and she is settling in nicely.
I'm so so happy for her. How wonderful.
Just think...a week ago, her life was a cement kennel in a shelter. Now look what she has! It is nothing short of awesome.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aimee and Bonnie


Got these two adorable girls from the shelter today.

Bonnie is the one with the brown spot.

They are 3 months old, and oh so freaking cute!

Of course, they are ALL puppy. Full of energy (and poop! LOL) and fun fun fun.

They love playing with Luna and Trudy.

We will take them to our event this Saturday, and hopefully they will find wonderful homes!


Aimee got adopted on the 19th! She got a fantastic home with a great new mom. :) Her new name is Isabelle.

Bonnie got adopted and went home today, the 30th. She gets to be a Trucker's dog, and when she's not on the road, will spend time at home with her new family.

Both girls got great homes, and I'm so happy for them!!


We get photos and stuff from Bonnie's family all the time. Today we got to see Bonnie for a few minutes while they were passing through St. George. It was SO awesome to see her!!



Oh my goodness I love this gal. She is so sweet.

She was a stray that was taken in by some people who decided that they couldn't keep her.

She is well behaved, and eager to please.

Ginger didn't like her right away, but Luna LOVES her. She and Luna rampaged around the yard for a couple hours the first night we had her.

I had to give her a bath, as she smelled pretty bad, but I couldn't brush her mats out. So I did what I could, and let the AMAZING wonderful gals at All Fur Love groomers to do their magic on her today!

Then we took her to the dog park to play while we visited with some good friends (we got to see Kiya too!) and laughed as all the dogs played.
Wow, she sure was having fun!

I'm sure that we won't have any problem at all finding this special girl a home. She's gorgeous and sweet... doesn't get any better than that.

Have a couple Trudy videos to share.
First one is at the dog park with Luna and Kiya.

Second one is Trudy playing outside with me (she has no interest in the ball, LOL!)
and then her with Luna in the house, playing.


Well, I think it's final now. Trudy is being adopted by a woman in New York. We are still working out travel plans, but looks like it's going to happen!
What a great adventure ahead for Trudy!


Just got news that Trudy has landed in NY! I'll share stories and photos when I get them.


Trudy's new mom just sent me video! Click HERE to see it!!!


More video!
Please be sure to subscribe to gidgetgormley on YouTube to catch all the new Trudy videos!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas from Cisco!

Got a photo of Cisco and his dad said I could share it with you here!
Isn't he oh so cute?



Simon was one of the HWAC rejects today. LOL.
He has a little bit of a cough, so they sent him back to us along with Levi.

So he gets to stay here tonight, and maybe a little longer till he goes back to his foster mom.

He's a sweet boy, and SO soft. What an adorable face, huh? Those eyes just make you fall in love with him.

He's not liking his crate so much, so sleep might not be happening for me tonight.


Simon went back to his foster mom today. It was fun having him here.. he is SO sweet.


Simon was accepted at HWAC today! I'm sure he'll be in a home before Christmas. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Had a great trip to HWAC this month! Several of H.A.R.T.'s dogs got accepted, and 3 of them were our fosters! YAY!

Syd, Sacha, and Sampson got accepted. Click on their names to read their stories.

Levi got rejected because he was coughing, but they will take him once he's healthy.



Sampson had been at our house once before, but only for a day between the shelter and Apple Valley. I knew that we'd bring him back to our house eventually, and I was right!

We went and picked up Sampson and Syd from AV so that they could spend a couple days at our house before going to HWAC.
He is such a great dog. He's got so much energy, but once the initial excitement is out of his system, he is REALLY well behaved, and oh so sweet.
I enjoy having him here. He's a sweet sweet boy.


Sampson got accepted at HWAC! They almost didn't take him because of his energy level, but he calmed down after being there only a little while, so they decided to accept him, and ended up loving him!

I'm so glad.. he is a great dog!
I'm glad we had the chance to have him here for a little while.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on Luna


Luna's story continues.

Go HERE to read her whole story.



I went to the shelter today to pick up Simon and take him out to Apple Valley, and ended up pulling Levi as well. He's got kennel cough, so I brought him home so I could get him started on antibiotics and see if we can't kick it before it gets too bad.

Guessing on his breed.. a lab mixed with Red Doberman?
He's only about 4 months old, and has got a great little personality. He knows 'sit', and he learned the dog door almost right away. No accidents in the house yet, so I'm thinking he may already be housebroken, which is a huge plus.

He seems to be ok with crating, and doesn't argue with me about going to bed in his crate.

He's super sweet, and has the most darling face.


Levi went to HWAC, but got rejected because he still has a bit of a cough. I thought for sure it was gone, he hadn't coughed in a few days, but that CA smog did him in. LOL.
So he's back at our house, and we'll put him back on antibiotics to see if we can't kick this cough in the butt.
HWAC loved him, and will take him back as soon as he's completely healthy.


Levi went with Simon to Lorraine's house till he gets better. It sure is quieter without him here, LOL!
I miss him though. He is a really great dog!


Tried Levi at HWAC again, and he is STILL coughing. We brought him back to our house though to give Lorraine a break from him. He is a great dog... just a little loud. LOL.


Levi is such a good boy. He really is. He's gorgeous, and well behaved. Yes, he is loud, but he listens and will stop it when told to.
He is being so great with the other dogs, and good with the cats.
He was great with our new foster that we brought home today.

I'm looking forward to the day when he finds his forever home, but I'll miss him when he goes.

Thought you'd enjoy a video of Levi learning to fetch. :)


Levi got adopted today!! His new home is in Vegas, and I think that he will do really great there. I've talked with his new family tonight, and it sounds like he is settling in nicely. (Though he has a bit of an upset stomach from the excitement of it all).

I'll miss the little bugger. He is such a great dog.

It sure is quiet here. LOL