Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycle boy, Syd


Oh Syd. Where to even start. LOL

Syd was a stray found in the mountains around Cedar City and was taken to the Iron Co shelter, and that's where we got him.

He was adopted by an eccentric (?) woman who traveled around in her motorhome. He's the type of dog who would love the nomad lifestyle, and it seemed a good fit.

She's had him for a couple months.

While Lorraine and I were in CA, doing the run to HWAC, this woman calls us and leaves a message saying that she can't keep Syd anymore and she has left him tied to the recycle bin at WalMart. We need to come get him immediately.


I immediately called Wade, and he ran out to WalMart, and there was Syd. The woman was there watching from a distance to make sure that we got him (rolleyes).

I got an E-mail from her that night that said that Syd was forced into being a bad dog so that she would get rid of him because she is involved in a government law suit and Syd knew too much.

Yeah. Cuckoo.

At any rate, Syd is here now, and is getting lots of love and attention from our gang. :) He's a sweet boy, very very loving. And obviously used to being around crazy people. LOL


Syd went to Apple Valley for awhile. He and Obi weren't getting along too well, so we thought it would be best to split them up. He LOVES it out there and is getting along great with the dogs that are out there right now. :)


Went and got Syd and Sampson from AV so that they could spend a couple days with us before going to HWAC. Syd was SOOO happy to see Wade. And he was so happy to come back home with us. It's good to have him back. He's such a great boy, and we love having him here. Just a big ol teddy bear with the gentlest personality.


Syd got accepted at HWAC. They loved him! I'm sure that they will find him a wonderful home where he will be loved like he deserves. I'll miss our boy though... goodbye secret agent Syd!

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