Tuesday, November 24, 2009



We picked up Chunky from the Enoch shelter last night. Her real name is Roxy or Bunny or something like that, but from the moment we pulled her from her kennel, she was Chunky to us! LOL

She'd been there for a few months, and wouldn't you know it, as we are driving home, 20 minutes after we pulled her, we got a call from the shelter saying that someone was there to adopt her!

So, rather than go to Apple Valley with the other shelter rescues we picked up today, Chunky got to come to my house. She'll go to her new home this morning.

She is a HOOT. She is an American Bulldog mix, only about 6-7 months old, and already 60 lbs! She is shorter than Luna though, so it's all muscle mass. And Chunky butt! LOL. She and Luna have been playing almost non-stop. They just love each other!

She's got a great personality, and is SO much fun. I wish that we were able to keep her longer than just an overnighter.

Oh, Lorraine just came and picked up Chunk while I was typing this. Luna is going nuts running around the house looking for her new buddy, crying. AWww. :(
Good bye Chunky! Enjoy your new life and your new home.

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