Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obi (Wan Kenobi)


Obi is an absolute doll.

I think they were a little surprised that we took him from the shelter, as he was "hyper and unmanageable".

Nah, he was just kennel crazy. After bringing him home and letting him run, he is actually a really great dog.

He is well behaved, and is willing to do whatever we want him to.

He gets along great with the other dogs, though he is a bit amorous with Luna. LOL.

Doesn't he look like a big, furry Jaxson?


Obi went to California with us to HWAC, and passed his temperament test with flying colors. They loved him.
But he failed the physical. They said that his left thigh muscle was bigger than his right. So that tells them that at one time he may have favored his right leg for some reason.
And they rejected him for that.

We had a BLAST with him and Luna at the dog parks and the hotel. They were so awesome. He is such an amazing dog. I didn't mind bringing him back home.


Obi is adopted! He fit right in with his new family. They said that his only bad habits are begging for food (shame on Joshua) and wanting to sleep on the bed (shame on us). LOL. They love him, and I think they will be a great home for him!

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