Sunday, August 29, 2010



Lots happening in the last couple weeks. :) I'm finally caught up with posting, so scroll through my entries and see what's updated!

Allie and Brownie got adopted TOGETHER by a wonderful family with a couple young boys.

Ricky was adopted, and is loving his new life with his great new family.

Mitzi was adopted and is living the princess life she deserves.

Deuce went to Arctic Rescue.

We fostered our first cat, and love him! Of course, he thinks he's a dog, so he still fits right in. :) He is being adopted by our good friends in Oregon, and will fly there with us next week!

We've gotten 6 new puppy fosters, and love every single one of them. The puppy breath alone makes all the clean up worth it. :)

It's been a GREAT couple weeks, lots of comings and goings.

Check back soon for the final chapter in AMOS' story! Yes, that's right, he is adopted! He hasn't gone home yet, we're working on getting his new mom's gates installed on her fence. I'm so excited for him to start this new chapter in his life!

We still have Sylva, but we are loving having her here. What a great dog she is.

Lenny and Squiggy


These 2 precious pittie boys are so sweet! Bundles of little grunty noises and puppy breath. Wrinkled faces and cute little waddles.
At 6 weeks old, they are still just little guys. They try to be big, and play with the other dogs, but they get worn out so fast, LOL.

I'm LOVING having these 2 sweet boys here. :)

Sylva loves the puppies!


Lenny and the Squigster have been moved about to different foster homes while we've been gone, but we've got them back now. I can't believe how much they've grown in only a few weeks! Look at them!


The Squigster was adopted today at our adoption event! He went to a really great family with another dog and lots of kids. You should have seen him romping around in his new yard with his family! Oh so cute!
YAY for Sqiggy!

Taz the Cat


Well, so much for not fostering cats, LOL.

Taz followed the boys home late one night, and after all tries to find his owner failed, we decided to keep him here.
He LOVES all the dogs. He thinks he's a dog. LOL.

What a sweet little guy with a great personality. He is fun, and happy. With his crooked-y little broken tail, and his gorgeous blue eyes, how could you not fall in love with him?

We've had him neutered, and given him his shots, and the plan now is for him to fly with us to Oregon to his new home with our good friends, Dan and Lisa!

YAY for Taz! What an adventure. He'll have 2 dogs and another cat to play with in their home. Wonder if they know what's in store for them, LOL.

Taz travelled SO well to his new home. He didn't mind the plane, and was great at our layover in the airport.
He loves his new family, and attached (literally and figuratively, LOL!) himself to them rather quickly. We was totally settled in before we left to come home.

Savannah, Aleena, and Chumly


3 new puppies in the Freitas home. :)

Chumly was intercepted at the shelter as his owner was taking him in. We happened to be there and she gave him to us instead.
He's about 3 months old, and cute as a button. Super sweet, with lots of puppy breath!

Amara's family is fostering Chumly for us. :) They are loving him there (of course they are!).

Amara's family is adopting Chumly! WOO HOO! He will have a great life with them. I'm so happy for the little guy. :) I'll get updated photos and share them with you all when I can.

Savannah and Aleena both came from another shelter.

Aleena looks like a little bear cub. She's a spitfire, and the instigator in all things mischievous. LOL

What a doll... not sure of her breed, possibly border collie/lab?
About 3-4 months old.

Aleena was accepted at HWAC and will hopefully find a forever home of her own very quickly!

Savannah is a gorgeous little German Shepherd, about 5 months old.
She is shy and sweet. Great personality.
She was housebroken almost immediately, and so gets free run of the house, even at night when the other puppies are put to bed in the puppy pen. :)

Savannah was accepted at HWAC. She was such a sweet little gal, I'm sure that a family will fall in love with her immediately and take her home!

Thursday, August 26, 2010



Look at that face... how is it even possible that his time was up at the shelter? How is it possible that someone tossed away this gorgeous sweet boy in the first place? It's awful to think what his fate might have been if we had been unable to get him out of the shelter today.

He's a sweet boy, about 4 months old. What a fantastic personality this little guy has!
He was so eager to come with us, and immediately made himself at home on our couch. LOL.

He learned the dog door right away, and we're working on house breaking. He's so smart!

Mr. Dexter-Do was accepted at HWAC. I hope they find him a home quickly. He deserves the best! He's such a great little guy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010



Brownie was supposed to be going to HWAC with us on this last run, but she went into heat so we had to leave her this time.
I went and picked her up from the shelter when we got home, and she's been here with our crew.

She is doing great, and is loving being out of her shelter kennel! She's happy and fun, and is really enjoying playing with Allie and Sylva. :)
She's got a really great personality, listens well, knows some basic commands, and is SO SO SO happy. She's constantly smiling. :)

She'll be spayed on Monday and then will probably be going to a different foster home or Apple Valley as we are overloaded here. Of course, you know once she's been here for a few days, I won't be able to let her go somewhere else. LOL.
Don't know how long I can handle the energy level in the house though with all these young active dogs. HA! Edit: Probably? Yeah, no. LOL. Brownie got to stay here with us till she was adopted. :) Great dog, fantastic personality. LOVE her.

A wonderful family from Vegas adopted both Brownie and Allie! It couldn't have been more perfect! They have a couple young boys to play with, and they were both SO happy to go home with them!



Ricky was a stray from the shelter. He's been there for about 2 weeks waiting to be adopted, or for us to have space.
I went and picked him up as soon as we got home from HWAC and brought him home.

He is such a sweet sensitive little guy. :) And adorable.

He and Mitzie just LOVE each other, and are always together. LOL.

Love his personality, and his inquisitiveness. You can just see him taking it all in, and learning. :) He was housebroken in 2 days, and is learning the rules so quickly. No crate for this boy! He has his own dog bed in the bedroom, and is quite happy there. :)


Ricky was adopted today at our adoption event. The family had seen him in the shelter before we got him, and had fallen in love with him. Great family with young kids for Ricky to play with. Perfect fit!



Picked Deuce up in California on our way home from the HWAC trip.
He had been picked up as a stray, and after every effort was made to find his owners, he came to us. :)

He is a gorgeous boy with a fantastic personality.

He was only here for one night, because for reasons unknown to us, Amos didn't like him at all. I think Amos was threatened by a larger, unneutered male dog, and he was already anxious because I'd been gone for a couple days.

So Deuce went to Apple Valley for now, where he'll have fun hanging out with the other dogs.

We'll bring him back here when Amos goes to his new home. :)


Deuce was accepted at Arctic Rescue up north, and was transported there today. They will find him a wonderful home!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LaRue, MItzi, and Wallace


Picked up these 3 cuties today at the Iron Co. Shelter.

LaRue is a 1 yr old Affenpinscher/Terrier mix. She is well behaved, and very sweet.
She is housebroken, and knows how to use the dog door. Is good with other dogs unless she thinks that there isn't enough love to go around then she can get a little growly. LOL. She'll soon learn that I can pet her AND another dog at the same time.
She is attached to my hip, and I actually had to tie her up so I could get far enough away from her to get a photo. LOL!

LaRue was accepted at HWAC today! I'm so happy for her, but I will miss her! What a sweet sweet girl. Loved her!

Mitzi is a terrier mix, about 1 1/2 yrs old. She has a fun personality, and gets along with everyone. She appears to be housebroken, and uses the dog door. Great lap dog. She is holding her own with all the big dogs, and id a hoot to watch. Great personality for a little terrier. She still needs to be brushed out, she's full of matted fur.

Mitzie didn't get to go to HWAC with LaRue and Wallace because she went into heat. So she got to stay here with us. We had her spayed, and she's enjoying life with the Freitas pack. :)

Mitzi-doodle was adopted today at our adoption event. It was a perfect fit, and love at first sight...for both of them. :) Her new name is Poppy, and she's living the posh life in Vegas!

Wallace is a gorgeous boy, about 1 1/2 yrs old. A Sheltie mix. He's a little bigger than most shelties, but he has the playful, happy personality of the breed. He is absolutely fantastic with other dogs, and it's so much fun to watch him play. He is not housebroken, not neutered, and will pee on anything that he can lift his leg on. Including me.
Great little dog though, and super super sweet.

Wallace went to Lorraine's house the day after we got him, because he wasn't neutered and Mitzie and Allie were both in heat. So he spent his week there, and then was accepted at HWAC with LaRue and the others. :)

They are all 3 doing great with my pack so far. :) Great new bunch of dogs!

Sunday, August 1, 2010



It's been a little while since I've updated my blog.

I was unable to put in new entries until I updated the existing ones, and Montana's was just too painful to write about until today.
It still hurts, we still grieve, but we are celebrating her life as well.

We've had a bittersweet week.
Montana's passing was tragic, and the pain is still deeply felt.
Jenni, Crockett, and Buck have all been adopted.

We've gotten 4 new fosters, and had a WONDERFUL weekend event where we got to see so many of our old fosters when they came to celebrate H.A.R.T.'s anniversary event with us. I'll be sharing some photos of that shortly.

Scroll on down to read Montana's story, and the update on Buck.

Meg and Belle, and Philip too!

to 8-11-10

Marian got Meg from someone who was giving away puppies in front of the store.
When Marian saw her, she called us and we told her to just take them all from the lady, but by the time Marian got back outside, the lady only had Meg left, so Marian brought her home.

By the time we got home from our event, there was already an ad on Craigslist for one of the other puppies.
Someone had taken her home, then realized they couldn't have dogs where they lived, so they were trying to get rid of her.

Marian recognized her as Meg's sister, so I called them, and sure enough, they had gotten their puppy from in front of the store just hours before.
We went and picked her up, and now the 2 sisters are together. :)

These little girls are only 6 weeks old, and should still be with their mama. They keep trying to nurse on Allie and Sylva.

Sweet little pups.

Oh the smell of puppy breath! Heaven!

We found Meg and Belle's brother too! He was so happy to be back with his sisters. :)

All three of these little darlings went to HWAC on 8-11-10.
It was fun having puppies here, but I'm so glad that they're gone, LOL! They are a lot of work. :)


July 28, 2010

Allie was a stray that has been staying with the person who found her while we searched for her owners. When her owners were unable to be located, Allie came to us.

She is a sweet girl, very loving, but she hasn't been taught anything. She is learning very quickly though, and she's incredibly smart.

She gets along great with the other dogs here, and is settling in nicely.
She's got a great personality, and will make someone a wonderful family pet!


Allie was supposed to go to HWAC, but went into heat before we left, so she got to stay here and be spayed instead. :)
She is such a sweet girl, and she's learning the rules quickly. She is very smart, and has a really great personality. She is SO loving.


A wonderful family from Vegas adopted both Allie and Brownie! The girls got to go together, which is SO awesome! They've got two young boys to play with... a lab's dream!


July 26, 2010

Sylva was a shelter rescue.
We were going to get her last month, and the day we went to pick her up, she'd been adopted. Her adopters brought her back to the shelter less than a month later saying that she had too much energy for them.

We took her out right away, and she was at Apple Valley for a little while with the dogs out there, till we had room at our house.

Brought her home today, and she's doing REALLY great. She is a sweet dog, loves everyone, and is really well behaved.

She's about 1 1/2 yr old, but still plays like a puppy with Buck and Luna. :) What a sweetheart.
I'm glad that we have her here. :)


Sylva is such a great dog. She loves everyone, and is always so happy. Very well behaved.
She went to CA with us, but ended up coming home with us too. She got an A+ on her temperament test, but she has bad posture when she runs, so she failed the physical. Bummer.

That's ok. She's doing great here, and we love her. Have some people interested in meeting her on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed. :)

Sylva was bounced around a bit for a couple months. She went to a couple different foster homes, and a couple different trial adoptions. She just didn't quite fit anywhere.
She was almost adopted by a wonderful couple who adored her, but it turned out that she caused an allergic reaction in the man, and they tearfully returned her.

So Sylva went back to her other foster home, and while there, was introduced to a fantastic family who fell in love with her. They adopted her, and report that she is the perfect dog for their family. They love her, and she loves them too!
It took awhile for Miss Sylva, but the wait was worth it. She is in her perfect home.