Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meg and Belle, and Philip too!

to 8-11-10

Marian got Meg from someone who was giving away puppies in front of the store.
When Marian saw her, she called us and we told her to just take them all from the lady, but by the time Marian got back outside, the lady only had Meg left, so Marian brought her home.

By the time we got home from our event, there was already an ad on Craigslist for one of the other puppies.
Someone had taken her home, then realized they couldn't have dogs where they lived, so they were trying to get rid of her.

Marian recognized her as Meg's sister, so I called them, and sure enough, they had gotten their puppy from in front of the store just hours before.
We went and picked her up, and now the 2 sisters are together. :)

These little girls are only 6 weeks old, and should still be with their mama. They keep trying to nurse on Allie and Sylva.

Sweet little pups.

Oh the smell of puppy breath! Heaven!

We found Meg and Belle's brother too! He was so happy to be back with his sisters. :)

All three of these little darlings went to HWAC on 8-11-10.
It was fun having puppies here, but I'm so glad that they're gone, LOL! They are a lot of work. :)

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