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July 26, 2010

Sylva was a shelter rescue.
We were going to get her last month, and the day we went to pick her up, she'd been adopted. Her adopters brought her back to the shelter less than a month later saying that she had too much energy for them.

We took her out right away, and she was at Apple Valley for a little while with the dogs out there, till we had room at our house.

Brought her home today, and she's doing REALLY great. She is a sweet dog, loves everyone, and is really well behaved.

She's about 1 1/2 yr old, but still plays like a puppy with Buck and Luna. :) What a sweetheart.
I'm glad that we have her here. :)


Sylva is such a great dog. She loves everyone, and is always so happy. Very well behaved.
She went to CA with us, but ended up coming home with us too. She got an A+ on her temperament test, but she has bad posture when she runs, so she failed the physical. Bummer.

That's ok. She's doing great here, and we love her. Have some people interested in meeting her on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed. :)

Sylva was bounced around a bit for a couple months. She went to a couple different foster homes, and a couple different trial adoptions. She just didn't quite fit anywhere.
She was almost adopted by a wonderful couple who adored her, but it turned out that she caused an allergic reaction in the man, and they tearfully returned her.

So Sylva went back to her other foster home, and while there, was introduced to a fantastic family who fell in love with her. They adopted her, and report that she is the perfect dog for their family. They love her, and she loves them too!
It took awhile for Miss Sylva, but the wait was worth it. She is in her perfect home.

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