Sunday, August 15, 2010



Ricky was a stray from the shelter. He's been there for about 2 weeks waiting to be adopted, or for us to have space.
I went and picked him up as soon as we got home from HWAC and brought him home.

He is such a sweet sensitive little guy. :) And adorable.

He and Mitzie just LOVE each other, and are always together. LOL.

Love his personality, and his inquisitiveness. You can just see him taking it all in, and learning. :) He was housebroken in 2 days, and is learning the rules so quickly. No crate for this boy! He has his own dog bed in the bedroom, and is quite happy there. :)


Ricky was adopted today at our adoption event. The family had seen him in the shelter before we got him, and had fallen in love with him. Great family with young kids for Ricky to play with. Perfect fit!

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