Sunday, August 15, 2010



Picked Deuce up in California on our way home from the HWAC trip.
He had been picked up as a stray, and after every effort was made to find his owners, he came to us. :)

He is a gorgeous boy with a fantastic personality.

He was only here for one night, because for reasons unknown to us, Amos didn't like him at all. I think Amos was threatened by a larger, unneutered male dog, and he was already anxious because I'd been gone for a couple days.

So Deuce went to Apple Valley for now, where he'll have fun hanging out with the other dogs.

We'll bring him back here when Amos goes to his new home. :)


Deuce was accepted at Arctic Rescue up north, and was transported there today. They will find him a wonderful home!

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