Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taz the Cat


Well, so much for not fostering cats, LOL.

Taz followed the boys home late one night, and after all tries to find his owner failed, we decided to keep him here.
He LOVES all the dogs. He thinks he's a dog. LOL.

What a sweet little guy with a great personality. He is fun, and happy. With his crooked-y little broken tail, and his gorgeous blue eyes, how could you not fall in love with him?

We've had him neutered, and given him his shots, and the plan now is for him to fly with us to Oregon to his new home with our good friends, Dan and Lisa!

YAY for Taz! What an adventure. He'll have 2 dogs and another cat to play with in their home. Wonder if they know what's in store for them, LOL.

Taz travelled SO well to his new home. He didn't mind the plane, and was great at our layover in the airport.
He loves his new family, and attached (literally and figuratively, LOL!) himself to them rather quickly. We was totally settled in before we left to come home.

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