Sunday, August 29, 2010



Lots happening in the last couple weeks. :) I'm finally caught up with posting, so scroll through my entries and see what's updated!

Allie and Brownie got adopted TOGETHER by a wonderful family with a couple young boys.

Ricky was adopted, and is loving his new life with his great new family.

Mitzi was adopted and is living the princess life she deserves.

Deuce went to Arctic Rescue.

We fostered our first cat, and love him! Of course, he thinks he's a dog, so he still fits right in. :) He is being adopted by our good friends in Oregon, and will fly there with us next week!

We've gotten 6 new puppy fosters, and love every single one of them. The puppy breath alone makes all the clean up worth it. :)

It's been a GREAT couple weeks, lots of comings and goings.

Check back soon for the final chapter in AMOS' story! Yes, that's right, he is adopted! He hasn't gone home yet, we're working on getting his new mom's gates installed on her fence. I'm so excited for him to start this new chapter in his life!

We still have Sylva, but we are loving having her here. What a great dog she is.

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