Monday, September 28, 2009



Zoe is a little 9 month old terrier mix, and our very first ever lap sized foster dog. LOL

She is unbelievably adorable.

The big dogs and the puppies seem to really like her, and she can hold her own in the rambunctious play.

She was a shelter rescue whose time was up today. She was brought into the shelter as a stray, but this little gal has been a house dog before. She loves to be in the house, and feels right at home here.

I'm liking the little thing, LOL. She is so freaking cute.


Zoe was accepted at HWAC today! She was so cute on the drive to San Diego.. she rode on my lap for the second half of the drive, and loved every minute of it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Jaxson is adopted!
To read the story, go to his entry HERE and scroll down to read his update.

Ozzie also got adopted! His story is at the end of his entry HERE.

Friday, September 18, 2009


LAYLA got adopted! Click on her name and scroll to the bottom of her entry to read her adoption story.

A very dear friend of mine gave me a hug today and said "it's always good when a starfish hits the water."

Amen, Becky. Amen.

*And there was MUCH rejoicing*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Troy update!

Wade and I got to visit Troy today. Click here to go to his entry and see his photo!



We drove to the Enoch shelter yesterday, and this little guy was love at first sight for me. I have a special place in my heart for Catahoulas and he is a gorgeous one.

Jaxson will only spend 2 days with us now, then will go to Apple Valley, since we are full here. As soon as one of our fosters gets adopted though, Jax will come here with us!

He is the sweetest pup.. about 6 months old. He's got kennel cough pretty bad, and got antibiotics today.

Went and got Jaxson from Apple Valley, and brought him here so that he could go in to be neutered on Wednesday. Well, turns out that he still has a little bit of kennel cough, so no surgery for this little dude.
We'll just keep him here and happy till next week, then he will either go to HWAC with us, or be neutered and stay here. Haven't decided yet, and it will depend on when his cough is gone.

He is a sweet little guy, very mellow, and he just loves the other dogs. He likes to hang by himself outside.

When we brought him home, I was very sick so I haven't had much time to work with him on housebreaking. He has been doing really good so far, and I have high hopes that he'll be completely housebroken by next week.


We walked today in the Santa Clara Swiss Days Parade with 10 of our adoptable dogs. After the parade, we went to the park where the celebration was being held, and stayed there for a few hours with all the dogs, meeting people, and just having fun.

A young girl there saw Jaxson and just fell in love with him. She sat and loved on him for quite some time, then called her mom to come down and meet him.
We talked for a while, and by the time we were ready to go, they had decided to adopt Jaxson!

It actually all worked out rather well.. Jaxson can't be adopted yet, because he hasn't been neutered, but they can't take him yet because she's going to be out of town for a little while, and they have some fence work to do before they can take him. The timing worked out perfectly.

We'll just keep him here till everything is done, then they'll take him home. :D YAY for Jaxson!!


Jaxson went to his new home today! YAY!


Well, Jaxson is back with us. Rather than write out the whole story, lets just say that Jaxson required more attention than they were giving him, and found ways to get it that were not acceptable to his family.

I am glad that we have him back, and he was oh so happy to be back here with our brood. You should see he and Levi ripping around the yard!

Jaxson's Story Continues HERE

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some days are particularly hard.

Sometimes there is a definite reason for it, but other times emotions just run high, and the tears flow freely.

A very dear friend of mine, while drying my tears with a much needed hug, told me:

"Tear ducts are connected to the heart, and when your heart bleeds for these dogs, so do your eyes, that's all."

Perfectly said, Jim. And thanks for the bear hug.

I want to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who stand behind me and encourage me with their love and their hugs. I couldn't do this without the support of so many dear friends.

Monday, September 7, 2009



Ozzie was a shelter rescue, and has been at our Apple Valley facility for a couple weeks. He was just neutered today, and we brought him home to hopefully teach him some manners and housebreak him by this weekend. He will have a better chance at being adopted Saturday if he's a little calmer, and a little better behaved.

He is a cutie, and wow is he ever vocal! I've never heard so much noise from one pup. LOL. He talks more than a beagle.

Right now he is crashed out on our couch, comfortable as can be. I like his personality so far, but it's hard to judge too much because he's on drugs. LOL. We'll know more about him when he's off his pain medication from his surgery today. ;)

The video is Ozzie meeting Vader.
Our cat, Vader is the most patient cat I've ever known. Do you think he sees his fair share of spastic fosters? LOL! What a great cat. This gave us all serious laughter fits.


I knew that Ozzie had been adopted, and that his transport was in the morning, so we had a bit of fun today with him. We filled up the kiddie pool, and I've never laughed so hard at a dog in the pool. He was a HOOT. It was a GREAT last night with the little Ozzmeister. LOL


Ozzie went to his new home today! Lorraine drove him to Fillmore, to meet his new family halfway. I was going to make the drive, but I was so sick the last couple days that Lorraine offered (well, insisted) to make the drive for me.
I'm so happy for the little guy. He is such a character, and has so much to offer his new family! I'll miss his attitude and playfulness, but most of all I'll miss him talking to me in the morning. LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Amara is the sister of the little stripey girl, Nanya. (info tidbit: Nanya and Amara are both Swahili names. Nanya translates to: "Love me" and Amara translates to "Grace" or "Paradise" depending on which online translator you use)
They were both in the shelter a couple weeks ago, and Nanya got adopted.

H.A.R.T. took Amara from the shelter, and she's been out at Apple Valley for a while because our house was Full. With a capital F.

Well, since Oscar got adopted, and Mikey will be going to Lorraine's house this week sometime, I picked up Amara from AV when I went this morning to pick up a couple of our boys for vet appointments.

Holy moly she's cute. When you first look at her, she looks black, but on closer inspection, she is black/gold. Her undercoat is a gorgeous golden/coppery color. It shows mostly on her neck and her haunches, but I think it's all over.

She has the cutest little bark too, LOL. She's still trying to figure out if the cats are scary or not.


Amara is so sweet. She is loving and quiet and demure.
Unless she is playing with Ozzie, then she's all piss and vinegar and teeth. LOL!

She can look right into your heart with her big brown eyes. Such a doll.


Amara got adopted! She went to a young couple here in St George, and I am so happy for her!
They took her camping this weekend.. what a great way to bond with her new family!

It was hard to say goodbye to her, I'd gotten quite attached to her sweet little face. Ozzie is a little sad as well, and quite a bit calmer, LOL.

I know that she will have a great life with them!


Amara is back with us. She spent a couple days camping with her new family, and they said she did really great, even off leash.

But after getting home today, they had a problem with their neighbors dogs and Amara barking at each other through the fence. This wasn't an issue that they were willing to try and break her of, and one that they didn't think would go away, so they brought her back to me. Hopefully they can find themselves a dog that doesn't bark when the neighbor dogs bark. We certainly don't have any dogs like that around here. LOL.

I'm glad that we got her back quickly, it's like she never left us. And she had a great little vacation, got to go camping. I bet that was fun for her. :D


I've been putting off updating this entry, because this was a tough one for me. I had gotten VERY attached to Amara, and it was difficult letting her go, even though I know that her new family is perfect for her.
What a great birthday present for me. My baby girl Amara got adopted!

She went to a great family with kids and a nice yard to play in. She'll get to go jogging with Dad, and play with the kids, and become friends with their cats. She seemed at home there almost immediately.

I was crying when I left her at their house, and cried all the way home. I miss her terribly. But at the same time, I am SO happy for her. She deserves a home like that.


Amara is back home with us. Her family called us and said that they didn't think she was happy. They tried it for a week, and decided that she didn't fit with them, and they couldn't give her what she needed.
So.. she is back with us.

She was so happy to be back, racing around the yard with the other dogs like a lunatic. LOL.
She loves Luna and Kiya and the three of them get along so great together!

I think I cried more when they called and said they didn't want her, than I did when I left her with them. What an emotional roller coaster!

Well, she is back with us now, and we are on the lookout for the perfect home for her. It's out there somewhere.


Amara is adopted!
Her new family came to the house and met her, and decided that she would be a great dog for them. We went to their home and finalized everything, and I think it's a great home for her!

They have some horses next to their back yard, and she was quite vocal about them, but it was something her new family was willing to work with her on.

I've gotten E-mails from her new family since she was adopted, and they say that she is doing GREAT. They absolutely love her, and she is fitting in nicely.
I'm so happy for my little princess. She deserves to be happy!