Friday, February 4, 2011

Archie, Reggie, Betty and Veronica

Jan 2011

Never in my life have I seen puppies this HUGE.
When I went to pick them up, I was told that I was picking up four 4-month old pups whose mom was a Golden Retriever. Awww. Couldn't wait to see them.

When I pulled up and saw these four monsters hanging over the side of the truck bed, I was SO shocked, LOL!
I had only brought one crate, expecting little puppies, so they were squished pretty tight for the ride. :)

They are so sweet, and the fact that they are HUGE makes you forge that they are still just puppies. Reggie is such a hoot, and he weighs in at around 50 lbs!
The girls are so sweet, and just want to be loved.

We had them here for about a week, then they went to a different foster home to run and play while waiting to go to HWAC next week.

All 4 pups were accepted at HWAC, they loved them!

7 Wonder Pupppies

Jan 2011

These pups came from one of the shelters up north. They had been owner released to the shelter by a woman who could no longer care for them. She had been withholding food and water, leaving them in their own filth, hoping that they would just die and she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
When they didn't die, she dumped them at the shelter.
In horrid condition.
They had scabby burn spots all over them from the malnutrition and living in their own waste.
(EDITED UPDATE: Turns out, even though they were tested for ringworm and it was negative, that it did end up being ringworm. They were aggressively treated for it, and are completely healthy now!)

One of the rescue groups in Tooele transported them down to us (Thanks, Christi!). I had been told that they had a skin condition, but I was SO surprised when I actually saw them. I had no idea that it would be that bad. Made my heart ache, and I wanted to cry when I looked at them. How can people be so cruel?

They are named for the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World:

Giza - Great Pyramid of Giza

Baby - Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Zeus - Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Artie - Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Hali - Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Rhod - Colossus of Rhodes

Andria - Lighthouse of Alexandria

They get a medicated bath once a week, good food, and as much sunshine as we can give them. They are getting healthier every day.

Baby and Giza went to a different foster home, to ease the load a bit, and I'm loving my 5 puppies here. What characters they are!
It will be quite a while before they are available for adoption, and I'm looking forward to watching them heal and grow.

UPDATE 5-3-11
What a joy these pups have been! I love each and every one of them.
Updated entry HERE.


Jan 2011

Lizzie was at the shelter for a long time. She was one of those dogs that kept getting overlooked because she was kennel crazy.
A young, active dog, stuck in a shelter kennel for too long. She was hyper beyond control, and her time was running out.

We took her from the shelter, gave her a bath, some attention, and some exercise, and in no time at all, her true personality was shining!

She is SUCH a great dog. Well behaved, great with the other dogs, she listens well, completely housebroken, and is great at fetch! She is very attentive, and SO smart. She is learning basic commands very quickly, and is eager to learn them!

It's so sad when great dogs like this lose their chance at adoption from the shelters because they can't emotionally handle the stress of their living conditions.
I'm glad we were able to get Lizzie and give her the chance that she deserves. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

Update: Lizzie was accepted at HWAC. She was adopted almost immediately!


Jan 2011

Malcolm came from a shelter in Los Angeles. We got 2 Chihuahuas from there, and when Monroe went to a foster home, we took Malcolm here.
He is the sweetest, cuddliest little guy. So snuggly. Wants to be with me all the time. On my lap, or leaning up against me.
I was so impressed with him... usually Chis from the shelter are a bit skittish and untrusting.
The first day we brought him home, he let me bathe him and clip his nails!
He slept in the bed with us, curled up against me all night long. What a sweet boy.

He was adopted at his very first adoption event, but we received a call from them the following afternoon.
Apparently, he was SO well behaved, that they thought it was ok to just leave him out with free run of the house while they were at Church. Which probably would have been ok, had they not ALSO given free roam to their flightless parakeet.

Yeah. You can see where this is going.

They got home from church to a house full of feathers, no bird, and a fat Malcolm.

I feel badly for the bird, and for the kids who now have no pets, but really?? Leaving a new dog alone in the house with a bird who can't fly?? o_O

So we got Malcolm the Bird Killer back, and it wasn't long before we got a call from a woman who wanted to adopt him. She needed a companion, a dog who just wanted to be with her all the time, and Malcolm was a perfect fit.
He went home yesterday, and I'm sure he's living the pampered life now.

Oh, and his new home doesn't have a bird. :)

Malcolm was only at his new home for about 3 weeks. She called and said that he wasn't bonding with her, so we went and picked him up.
He was here for a couple weeks, then was adopted again by someone who we hope will give him everything he deserves.
Reports are that he is doing well so far!


Jan 2011

Happy came to us from the shelter. She was doing great in her foster home, but we took her for a little while when her foster mom got in a couple new dogs that needed some special attention for a bit.
She was SO much fun to have here! She's an older gal (vet puts her at around 7), but you'd never know it from how she acts. She definitely lives up to her name. :) She could hold her own with the pups, and loved to play with them!

What a sweet ol gal. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion. We kept her here for a week or so, then she went back to her foster mom. I'm glad we got the chance to know her better.

Happy has a wonderful home now, and fits in just perfectly! They are lucky to have such a wonderful girl as their new companion.

Piper and Suzie

Jan 2011

Piper and Suzie were both very short term fosters, but they still get a spot in the journal! :)

Piper was owner released to us from an abusive situation. She is SUCH a sweet happy girl, with a great personality, despite what she'd been through. She was awesome with the other dogs, and just wanted to play all the time.

We only had her for a few days before she went to a different foster home.
She was there for a couple weeks before going to HWAC. She was adopted almost immediately!

Suzie came from a shelter in Nevada. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? 10 weeks old, Chihuahua/JRT mix.
We only had her for a few hours before she went to her other foster home. She was with them for a couple weeks, having fun and getting in trouble, lol.
We got her back here again for a few days, then she went again to a different foster home. (sometimes in the craziness of things, the dogs need to get moved about quite a bit).

Her new foster family reports that they have fallen head over heals in love with her, and that she fits right into their family. Could this be a foster fail? ;) We'll see.

YEP! Foster fail. :) Suzie Q is now with her forever family, and fits right in.

Molly and Duchess

Jan 2011

Molly was adopted from the shelter several months ago. Her owners decided that she was too energetic for them, so they were going to return her to the shelter.
I've always said that the only thing worse for a dog than to be dumped at the shelter, is to be dumped there TWICE. I will always do my best to keep that from happening.
Molly was lucky enough to have two rescue groups working together to make sure that she didn't end up back at the shelter, and eventually she came here.

She was a little shy and reserved, but SO sweet. An amazing fetcher, she loved to play! She needed a little work on manners, but she wanted so badly to be a good dog. She just needed someone to show her what she needed to do.

She had some tummy trouble for a little while, and after a trip to the vet, it was decided that the stress of everything that she'd gone through was wreaking havoc on her insides. So we did our best to make everything as happy and comfortable as possible while she waited for her forever home.

She was adopted at the very first adoption event that she went to. In fact, we had 2 different families who wanted her! She went home that day with a great family who fell in love with her, and is finally being loved by a family like she deserves!

Duchess was another shelter-return interception. She was adopted from the shelter 3 years ago, but was being returned to the shelter at 9 years old. We couldn't let that happen!
She is a very active, happy old gal!

We only had her for a couple days before she went to a different foster home. Then she was adopted at the very first adoption event she went to! Her new family reports that she is awesome in every way, and that she is very smart. She knows all her commands, and several tricks as well. They are enjoying learning new things about her every day.


Jan 2011

What can I say about Howie other than this: He makes me laugh. :) I absolutely love this little guy.

His pictures are deceiving. He is a BIG dog, he just accidentally got the legs of a small dog. LOL.

Howie was a stray that we got from the shelter here. The moment I saw him, he made my heart smile, and I knew that he was coming home with me.
He was quite a mess, so we took him immediately to be groomed (Thank you SO MUCH to the girls at All Fur Love!) then brought him home.
All my girls loved him immediately. He's got such a laid back personality, and is always SO happy.

He can't jump, but he bounces around when he plays, and it just makes us laugh. He is the most unique looking dog I've ever seen, and I love that about him!

I was surprised that he wasn't adopted at our first adoption event. Everyone who sees him loves him, but he hasn't found a home yet.
I have high hopes for Howie though. He's special... there's a special home waiting for him.
And until then, he can stay right here.
Our home is happier with Howie! :)

Update: Howie has been adopted! He gets to go to work with his person, and is living the good life. I loved having Howie here, and we miss him, but I'm glad that he's finally got the family he deserves!


Jan 2011

Sawyer was found a few months ago, emaciated and dehydrated out in the middle of nowhere. The kind people who found him took him in and nursed him back to health, and made every attempt to find his owners.
Once he was healthy, and with no responses on their search, they called us. We took him in, and I am so glad that we did. He is one of the best dogs I've ever had the joy of loving.

He's got a phenomenal personality. Loving, sweet, calm, and focused. He listens SO well, and his behavior never ceased to amaze me.
And his fur is like rabbit fur. SO soft. Once you start petting him, you don't ever want to stop. Especially when he looks at you with those EYES of his.

There is definitely something special about Sawyer. Every so often one of those dogs comes along that gets inside your heart a little deeper than the others. Sawyer was one of those.

We had him for a few weeks before he was adopted by a wonderful family who drove many miles just to come and get him. I have no doubt that he will be deeply loved and well cared for.
I will miss him, but I am happy that he finally has the life that he deserves.