Friday, February 4, 2011


Jan 2011

What can I say about Howie other than this: He makes me laugh. :) I absolutely love this little guy.

His pictures are deceiving. He is a BIG dog, he just accidentally got the legs of a small dog. LOL.

Howie was a stray that we got from the shelter here. The moment I saw him, he made my heart smile, and I knew that he was coming home with me.
He was quite a mess, so we took him immediately to be groomed (Thank you SO MUCH to the girls at All Fur Love!) then brought him home.
All my girls loved him immediately. He's got such a laid back personality, and is always SO happy.

He can't jump, but he bounces around when he plays, and it just makes us laugh. He is the most unique looking dog I've ever seen, and I love that about him!

I was surprised that he wasn't adopted at our first adoption event. Everyone who sees him loves him, but he hasn't found a home yet.
I have high hopes for Howie though. He's special... there's a special home waiting for him.
And until then, he can stay right here.
Our home is happier with Howie! :)

Update: Howie has been adopted! He gets to go to work with his person, and is living the good life. I loved having Howie here, and we miss him, but I'm glad that he's finally got the family he deserves!

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