Friday, February 4, 2011

Molly and Duchess

Jan 2011

Molly was adopted from the shelter several months ago. Her owners decided that she was too energetic for them, so they were going to return her to the shelter.
I've always said that the only thing worse for a dog than to be dumped at the shelter, is to be dumped there TWICE. I will always do my best to keep that from happening.
Molly was lucky enough to have two rescue groups working together to make sure that she didn't end up back at the shelter, and eventually she came here.

She was a little shy and reserved, but SO sweet. An amazing fetcher, she loved to play! She needed a little work on manners, but she wanted so badly to be a good dog. She just needed someone to show her what she needed to do.

She had some tummy trouble for a little while, and after a trip to the vet, it was decided that the stress of everything that she'd gone through was wreaking havoc on her insides. So we did our best to make everything as happy and comfortable as possible while she waited for her forever home.

She was adopted at the very first adoption event that she went to. In fact, we had 2 different families who wanted her! She went home that day with a great family who fell in love with her, and is finally being loved by a family like she deserves!

Duchess was another shelter-return interception. She was adopted from the shelter 3 years ago, but was being returned to the shelter at 9 years old. We couldn't let that happen!
She is a very active, happy old gal!

We only had her for a couple days before she went to a different foster home. Then she was adopted at the very first adoption event she went to! Her new family reports that she is awesome in every way, and that she is very smart. She knows all her commands, and several tricks as well. They are enjoying learning new things about her every day.

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