Monday, January 17, 2011



Gracie was dumped with her sister in a parking lot. A couple wonderful families who were there at the store took them in for the weekend.
We got a call today from one of the families, but the other family may have decided to keep Gracie's sister. We haven't heard from them. I hope that she's got a wonderful home with them.

Gracie is ADORABLE. We are still trying to decide what her breed mix is, but the general consensus is Boxer/Great Dane. LOL. She's got some whopping big feet!

She's so cute, and is having a blast here. Our girls just love her, and Mama Baylee is wanting to mother her around. LOL.

Gracie has been adopted! I knew that we wouldn't have her for long before some lucky family snatched her up. :) What a sweetheart. I can't wait to see what she looks like all grown up!

Baylee plus 11


We got Baylee from a shelter up north. She was about ready to give birth to her pups, and had been taken in by one of their foster homes up there, but were willing to let her come home with us when we inquired about her.
She's just over a year old, gorgeous, sweet chocolate lab, with an amazing personality. She is such an awesome girl.

We brought her home, and she stayed with us overnight, then went to our mid'woof' home to have her puppies while Wade and I were in CA doing the transport with the other dogs.

She had her pups on Wednesday, TWELVE pups. One little girl was stillborn, so we ended with Eleven sweet healthy puppies.

Baylee and her pups came to us on Sunday, but her foster mom kept the 2 little runts, as they were having a hard time fighting for dinner. They are being WELL taken care of, and I have no doubt that they will flourish under Mary's watchful care.

SO we've got Baylee and 9 of her pups here. They are yummy! The sounds, the smells, the cuddles. Oh goodness. Heaven.
I'm looking forward to having these guys for the next 2 months at least, and watching them grow.

And OH how they've GROWN!


Tyson, Laila, and Kitana


These 3 little boxer pups were only here overnight, just waiting to go to their other foster home.
We picked them up from a shelter up north, they had been owner released to the shelter, only about 5 weeks old, and in poor physical condition. We actually got them the day they were released, so they didn't even have to spend one night in the shelter.

They are the CUTEST sweetest little pups, so very cuddly. You could DIE from cuteness!

They are doing AWESOME in their new foster home, getting healthier, and well on their way to being available for adoption. Keep an eye out on petfinder... these 3 sweeties will be ready for their forever homes soon!

I only have photos of Tyson and Kitana, don't know how Laila got away without a photo. Stinker.

Here are a couple more recent photos from their foster home! Aren't they the CUTEST pups ever??

Kiki, Koda, Rosco, Gus, and Rufus


These were all temp fosters for us, only with us a day or two (except Kiki we had for almost a week) until they were moved on to other fosters/rescues/homes.

Kiki and Koda were from the shelter. Siblings that were picked up as strays. Koda went to a different foster home for a few days, but we took Kiki here. Then Koda came to us as well a couple days before the HWAC run.
They were sweet little dogs, full of energy and fun. :) Both accepted at HWAC on the 12th.

Rosco was rescued from a shelter up north. Wade and I drove up there to pick him up, and he stayed with us just overnight until he went to his foster home the next day. Sweet boy with a BIG heart. His eye was injured while playing with another pup at the shelter, and it's well on it's way to healing. He's only about 9 months old, and full of that happy bendy-wiggle pittie puppy love!

Gus and Rufus are hound brothers that we picked up from a shelter up north the same time we picked up Rosco. We were transporting them to CA, Gus to his new home, and Rufus to the same hound rescue that took in Wally last year.
These boys were big ol goofs! Gus was one of the most gorgeous hounds I've ever seen in my life. Very striking! Rufus was LOUD. Super sweet, but oh so loud. LOL. I'm glad that we only had these boys for a couple days before we drove them to CA, LOL!

I don't have any pictures of them! How awful is that?
Wade took video, and he is going to snip me some photos from that. :) I'll post them when he does.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Reason

Dedicated to everyone who works in Animal Rescue. YOU make a difference.
Together, we CAN change the world!

The Reason (author unknown)

I would’ve died that day if not for you.

I would’ve given up on life it not for your kind eyes.

I would’ve used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.

I would have left this life believing that all humans don’t care.

Believing that there is no such thing as fur that isn’t matted;

Skin that isn’t flea bitten;

Good food and enough of it;

Beds to sleep on;

Someone to love me,
To show me that I deserve love, just because I exist.

Your kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands, your big heart saved me.

You saved me from the terror of the pound,

Soothing away memories of my old life.

You have taught me what it means to be loved.

I have seen you do the same for other dogs like me.

I have heard you ask yourself, in times of despair, why you do it.

When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes,

You open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little tighter,

Make just a little more room – to save one more like me.

I tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes,
In the best way I know how, Reminding you why you go on trying.

I am the reason;

The dogs before me were the reason;

As are the ones who come after.

Our lives would’ve been wasted,

Our love never given,

We would die if not for you.

Max and Sadie


We got Max and Sadie from the shelter the same time that we got Lucas and Cindi Lou.
The shelter thinks that they are father/daughter. We aren't sure, but we do know that they are inseparable. We have no idea what breed they are, though we have them listed as Spaniel/Retriever mixes.

Max is SUCH a great dog. He is energetic and happy, but he listens so well, and has a great personality. He needs leash work, and by the time he gets adopted my arms are going to be super strong. LOL.
His head is HUGE, and his legs are short. Definitely an odd looking dog, but beautiful at the same time.

Sadie is 2 years younger than Max, and is very very shy. She is skittish around new things/sounds, but attaches quickly to you when she trusts you. She is a sweetheart, and you can tell that as soon as someone shows her that they love her, she will give them her heart.

It would be great if these 2 could be placed together, but I know that rarely happens.

These are their shelter photos, I haven't had a chance to get any new photos of them. They are getting groomed on Friday, and I'll get some good photos of them then.


Wow, do I love Max! He's SUCH an awesome dog in every way. He's cuddly, and sweet, and adorable, and smart, and I have fallen head over heel for him!
He did well at our adoption event today, everyone loved him, but he came home with us. He went to HWAC on the 12th, and they loved him there too. He was accepted, and adopted immediately. I hope that he has the life that he deserves. I'll miss him!

Sadie went to a WONDERFUL home on Saturday before the event. They know that she is shy, and nervous, and are willing to work with her.
They report that she is doing well, and is SUCH a sweetheart. We will finalize her adoption next week after she is spayed. :)

YAY for Sadie and Max!



Wilson came to us instead of going to the shelter in Mesquite. He's almost 4 months old, and oh so sweet. He loves the other dogs, and adores Cindi Lou! The two of them are so awesome playing together.

He is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, heavy on the 'mix' part. We don't know what he's mixed with, but at less than 4 months old, he is already larger than most JRTs.

We've already gotten several calls on him, and I'm sure he'll be in his forever home soon. Whoever adopts Wilson will be very happy, indeed! He's a great little pup!


Wilson is adopted! :)

Cindi Lou


We picked up Cindi Lou at the shelter the same time we got Lucas. She was his kennel mate, and had been there for a month! I cant believe this adorable little gal was at the shelter for that long.

She went to a different foster home for a few days, and then came here to hang with our gang.

She is so active, and SO much fun. She is loving playing with the other dogs, and definitely needs to be in a home with other dogs to play with and keep her busy. She is classic Heeler, and loves to bite their feet while they run and play fetch. LOL

Cindi Lou and Wilson have become best buds. If we didn't know better, you'd think they were siblings, they are SO much alike!


Little Cindi Lou was a HOOT to have here. Absolutley loved her bendy wiggles and she was such a cuddle bug.
She was accepted at HWAC, and I have no doubt that they will place her in a perfect home soon. I'll miss my little Cindi Lou!



Jasmine was a shelter rescue. We got her the day after she was supposed to be euthanized. (they knew we were coming, and held on to her for an extra day for us). She had been a stray for awhile, and was in awful condition when we got her, SO skinny, and starving.

Well, you know me and GSPs. I saw her in the shelter, and knew that she was going home with us. No way could we leave her there knowing that they were going to put her down.

We got her the same time that we got Niko, Shanell, and Charlie.

Jasmine went to a different foster home, where she was taken care of very well. She's put on some weight, and learned some manners.

She is the one that we switched out for Gilligan. She came here, he went to the other foster home.

It's great having a GSP in the house again. She is SO sweet, and you can't help but smile when you look at her.
She's a little too interested in the cats, but is learning quickly to leave them alone. When we are watching, anyway. LOL

We got to dog sit Piper and Penny for a couple days, and having 3 GSPs at the same time was much fun. :) Their family was very interested in Jasmine, and for a minute I thought they might go home with all 3 dogs instead of just their two, LOL.

We shouldn't have any trouble getting her adopted. She is finally healthy enough to be spayed, and will be ready for her forever home!


Jasmine went HOME today! Her new mom is awesomely wonderful, and Jasmine is going to have the best life with her in Arizona! :)



Gilligan came to us after his owner fell into very unfortunate circumstances. He originally went to Apple Valley, but came here while his foster mom went on vacation.

We think he looks like a black Weimaraner. He is STUNNINGLY gorgeous! And what a good boy. He has a really great personality, and is really great with the other dogs.

We only had him a couple days, and then we switched him out with one of out other foster homes. He's doing great there, and they are loving him. (How could you not?)

I wish we had some better photos of him, but it rained the whole time we had him here.

Update: Mr Gilly boy finally got adopted! It took several months, but he's in a great home. He got adopted with his foster brother, Jiggs! How great is that??!



Lucas came from the shelter.
As soon as I saw him there, I knew that I HAD to take him. We were full, and not taking in any more fosters, but this little guy was coming home with me, regardless.

He looked just like Junior, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they came from the same litter.

He was the sweetest little guy. The king of bendy-wiggles, he was so happy that he couldn't contain himself. Everytime you looked at him, or said anything to him, his whole body would go into the bendy-wiggle convulsions, and he would get this adorable sweet look on his face.

How could you not love Lucas?

One of our volunteers had come over to pick up Wilson for the day, and she fell in love with Lucas immediately. We talked her into fostering him (it didn't take much, LOL) and within a few days she had called to say that she was keeping him. :) YAY for Lucas!

8 Puppies (Zodiak Puppies)

Dec 20, 2010

Got these pups from someone sitting in front of the store, giving away free Christmas puppies.
They were only 5 weeks old, still wobbly when they walked, still needing to be with their mama. :( The average person doesn't know how to care for a 5 week old puppy, so to avoid them going to bad homes, or ending up in the shelter after Christmas, we took them all. All 8 of them.

It's been so much fun watching them grow. They are SO sweet! It's way too cold for them to have any play time outside, so there is a lot of clean up involved in the house, but that's ok. They are warm, they are safe, and they are happy. :)

I wish we still had Annabelle. She's be in puppy heaven taking care of them right now.

(and yes, I spelled Gemini wrong)


My puppies went to HWAC. Mixed emotions there. It was SO much work having them here, longest 3 weeks of my life, LOL. But I'll miss them. They were my little star puppies. *sniff*


Dec 20, 2010

Bertok was a stray that was picked up by Animal Control in Cedar.
When they picked him up he was near death, starving and cold.
They took him to the shelter, and after the mandatory quarantine to give his 'owners' time to claim him (HA!) was up, we went and got him.

He didn't have a name, and my friend Lisa helped us come up with a perfect name for him. Bertok means "New Beginnings", which is just what this boy needs.

Bertok was like a skeleton with skin. I've never before seen in real life a dog that skinny. It was painful to look at him.
He was weak and seemed sad, but very very sweet.
We brought him home, and had him vet checked. Other than being grossly underweight, he was perfectly healthy, and we were given some good advice on how to build up his weight.

So begins Bertok's journey to his new life.

He is an incredibly happy boy, with an amazing heart. It never ceases to amaze me how much an animal can go through in life, and come out the other side with a smiling face and a wagging tail.

Bertok is ALWAYS happy, tail is always wagging.
He is So polite, and asks permission for everything. He has SO smart, and has already learned 'sit', 'down', 'shake', 'wait', 'come', 'get in bed', 'go outside', and he is AMAZING at fetch! When you grab a tennis ball, his whole face lights up.

He has gained about 10 lbs already, and is well on his way to being a healthy weight. His fur is SO shiny and healthy.
This dog is going to make someone a wonderful companion, and I can't wait for him to find his forever home. Though I know already I will miss him terribly when he goes.

Photos that the shelter sent me when asking if we wanted him:

Photos of Bertok the day we brought him home:

Photos of Bertok not quite 2 weeks later:

Bertok is adopted! What a perfect home for this perfect boy! I'm so happy for him. I f I could have hand-picked the perfect home for him, it would have been this one.
He's going to be traveling a lot (he loves car rides!), and has kids to play ball with. He's already bonded with his little boy, and is loving life. He's SO happy!

Photos of Bertok the day he got adopted. Isn't he gorgeous??
I cried when he left... but they were happy tears.