Monday, January 17, 2011

Kiki, Koda, Rosco, Gus, and Rufus


These were all temp fosters for us, only with us a day or two (except Kiki we had for almost a week) until they were moved on to other fosters/rescues/homes.

Kiki and Koda were from the shelter. Siblings that were picked up as strays. Koda went to a different foster home for a few days, but we took Kiki here. Then Koda came to us as well a couple days before the HWAC run.
They were sweet little dogs, full of energy and fun. :) Both accepted at HWAC on the 12th.

Rosco was rescued from a shelter up north. Wade and I drove up there to pick him up, and he stayed with us just overnight until he went to his foster home the next day. Sweet boy with a BIG heart. His eye was injured while playing with another pup at the shelter, and it's well on it's way to healing. He's only about 9 months old, and full of that happy bendy-wiggle pittie puppy love!

Gus and Rufus are hound brothers that we picked up from a shelter up north the same time we picked up Rosco. We were transporting them to CA, Gus to his new home, and Rufus to the same hound rescue that took in Wally last year.
These boys were big ol goofs! Gus was one of the most gorgeous hounds I've ever seen in my life. Very striking! Rufus was LOUD. Super sweet, but oh so loud. LOL. I'm glad that we only had these boys for a couple days before we drove them to CA, LOL!

I don't have any pictures of them! How awful is that?
Wade took video, and he is going to snip me some photos from that. :) I'll post them when he does.

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