Monday, January 17, 2011

Tyson, Laila, and Kitana


These 3 little boxer pups were only here overnight, just waiting to go to their other foster home.
We picked them up from a shelter up north, they had been owner released to the shelter, only about 5 weeks old, and in poor physical condition. We actually got them the day they were released, so they didn't even have to spend one night in the shelter.

They are the CUTEST sweetest little pups, so very cuddly. You could DIE from cuteness!

They are doing AWESOME in their new foster home, getting healthier, and well on their way to being available for adoption. Keep an eye out on petfinder... these 3 sweeties will be ready for their forever homes soon!

I only have photos of Tyson and Kitana, don't know how Laila got away without a photo. Stinker.

Here are a couple more recent photos from their foster home! Aren't they the CUTEST pups ever??

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