Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cindi Lou


We picked up Cindi Lou at the shelter the same time we got Lucas. She was his kennel mate, and had been there for a month! I cant believe this adorable little gal was at the shelter for that long.

She went to a different foster home for a few days, and then came here to hang with our gang.

She is so active, and SO much fun. She is loving playing with the other dogs, and definitely needs to be in a home with other dogs to play with and keep her busy. She is classic Heeler, and loves to bite their feet while they run and play fetch. LOL

Cindi Lou and Wilson have become best buds. If we didn't know better, you'd think they were siblings, they are SO much alike!


Little Cindi Lou was a HOOT to have here. Absolutley loved her bendy wiggles and she was such a cuddle bug.
She was accepted at HWAC, and I have no doubt that they will place her in a perfect home soon. I'll miss my little Cindi Lou!

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