Monday, January 17, 2011

Baylee plus 11


We got Baylee from a shelter up north. She was about ready to give birth to her pups, and had been taken in by one of their foster homes up there, but were willing to let her come home with us when we inquired about her.
She's just over a year old, gorgeous, sweet chocolate lab, with an amazing personality. She is such an awesome girl.

We brought her home, and she stayed with us overnight, then went to our mid'woof' home to have her puppies while Wade and I were in CA doing the transport with the other dogs.

She had her pups on Wednesday, TWELVE pups. One little girl was stillborn, so we ended with Eleven sweet healthy puppies.

Baylee and her pups came to us on Sunday, but her foster mom kept the 2 little runts, as they were having a hard time fighting for dinner. They are being WELL taken care of, and I have no doubt that they will flourish under Mary's watchful care.

SO we've got Baylee and 9 of her pups here. They are yummy! The sounds, the smells, the cuddles. Oh goodness. Heaven.
I'm looking forward to having these guys for the next 2 months at least, and watching them grow.

And OH how they've GROWN!


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