Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Jasmine was a shelter rescue. We got her the day after she was supposed to be euthanized. (they knew we were coming, and held on to her for an extra day for us). She had been a stray for awhile, and was in awful condition when we got her, SO skinny, and starving.

Well, you know me and GSPs. I saw her in the shelter, and knew that she was going home with us. No way could we leave her there knowing that they were going to put her down.

We got her the same time that we got Niko, Shanell, and Charlie.

Jasmine went to a different foster home, where she was taken care of very well. She's put on some weight, and learned some manners.

She is the one that we switched out for Gilligan. She came here, he went to the other foster home.

It's great having a GSP in the house again. She is SO sweet, and you can't help but smile when you look at her.
She's a little too interested in the cats, but is learning quickly to leave them alone. When we are watching, anyway. LOL

We got to dog sit Piper and Penny for a couple days, and having 3 GSPs at the same time was much fun. :) Their family was very interested in Jasmine, and for a minute I thought they might go home with all 3 dogs instead of just their two, LOL.

We shouldn't have any trouble getting her adopted. She is finally healthy enough to be spayed, and will be ready for her forever home!


Jasmine went HOME today! Her new mom is awesomely wonderful, and Jasmine is going to have the best life with her in Arizona! :)

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