Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Charlie, Tonka, Shanell, Hero, and Niko

Nov 2010

Shortly after Thanksgiving, we did a shelter run, intending to pull a couple dogs from each shelter in the area.
The first shelter that we went to had several dogs that were going to be killed, and we couldn't leave without them, so we took them all.
And we still visited the other shelters and took dogs from them as well.

Because we took so many at once, there were some that we had to put in our foster kennel. It's a temporary holding place, MUCH better than the shelter, but just an in between spot where we can house them till they are placed in foster homes.
While they are being kenneled, Wade and I care for them. It's an extension of our home. :)

Charlie, Tonka, Shanell, Niko, Hero, and a litter of 6 puppies all went there.

Charlie was listed as a puppy, but he turned out to be 2 years old... he was just a little guy. Probably a Kelpie/Terrier mix. He was SO hungry, and so eager to be loved. He was only at the kennel for a few days before going to his foster home. There he got the love and attention that he so desperately needed.
He was adopted at the first adoption event that he went to, and has a great life now!

Tonka was an awesome pup, about 5 months old, with the best, most mellow personality. Everyone who met Tonka fell in love with him! We had him at the kennel for quite a while, and then after Charlie was adopted, Tonka took his place in that foster home.
Tonka went to HWAC and was accepted there. They loved him! He was adopted almost immediately.

Shanell was a happy fun little gal, just FULL of energy and smiles! She was the wiggliest, happiest, jumpiest little thing, LOL.
She was accepted at HWAC as well.

Hero was only at the kennel for a little while before going to Apple Valley. I didn't get to know him very well, but he was such a sweet boy.
He's in a great foster home now, loving life and his new name , Sherlock. :)

Niko has a great story. He was taken to the shelter by his soldier who had been deployed and had no place else for him to go.
The family who adopted Niko was not looking for another dog, but when they saw him, they were inexplicably drawn to him.
And he fits their family perfectly in every way. They absolutely adore him, and he is SO happy.
His new name is Soldier, in honor of his owner who had to give him up.

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