Wednesday, January 5, 2011

6 puppies (Fairytale Puppies) and Little Miss Muffet

Nov 2010

We picked up these 6 pups at the shelter the same time we got Tonka and that bunch. They were a mixed litter: some of them were born at the shelter, and some were from a mama dog who had been killed by a car. The shelter mama dog took those pups in, and cared for them alongside her own pups.

Hansel and Gretel went to a foster home together, and did great there.

Rumplestiltskin went to a foster home as well, and had so much fun with his playmate, Prince Charming.

Goldilocks and Rapunzel stayed at the kennels, and loved playing with the bigger dogs. Tonka loved his puppies, and took such good care of them!

Little Miss Muffet came to our house. She was a sickly little girl, and had pneumonia. When we took her to the vet, they found that her leg had been broken, either during birth, or shortly after.
She needed some special attention, so she came home with me, and had much care/love lavished on her.
She's the only pup who didn't go to HWAC, because of her health. The other 5 went and were accepted.

Little Miss stayed here for awhile, and after being cleared by the vet to be healthy, was made available for adoption.
It didn't take long for her forever home to find her! She is now loving life with her new family. :)

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