Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Sierra


Got Sierra from the shelter today and brought her home.

She is a little overwhelmed with all of the activity here, and she's a little shy, but oh so so sweet.

You know the soft spot I have in my heart for a hound of any kind.

We had gone to the shelter to vaccinate her, and I couldn't leave without her. LOL. I'm a sap.

It's ok though, as Bonnie went to her new home today, a few days early. So we have a space for Sierra. And I'm so glad. :) Thank you Lorraine, for taking Noah, so that we could take Sierra. Give him a big hug for me. :)


Sierra went to her new home today. It was the perfect home for this sweet little girl. We took her with us on our way to HWAC, and dropped her off in Vegas with her new mom and dad.
She is going to have such a great life with them!


I've gotten an update from Sierra's new family!

They've changed her name to Molly, and they say that she is doing GREAT! They love her, and she is settling in nicely.
I'm so so happy for her. How wonderful.
Just think...a week ago, her life was a cement kennel in a shelter. Now look what she has! It is nothing short of awesome.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aimee and Bonnie


Got these two adorable girls from the shelter today.

Bonnie is the one with the brown spot.

They are 3 months old, and oh so freaking cute!

Of course, they are ALL puppy. Full of energy (and poop! LOL) and fun fun fun.

They love playing with Luna and Trudy.

We will take them to our event this Saturday, and hopefully they will find wonderful homes!


Aimee got adopted on the 19th! She got a fantastic home with a great new mom. :) Her new name is Isabelle.

Bonnie got adopted and went home today, the 30th. She gets to be a Trucker's dog, and when she's not on the road, will spend time at home with her new family.

Both girls got great homes, and I'm so happy for them!!


We get photos and stuff from Bonnie's family all the time. Today we got to see Bonnie for a few minutes while they were passing through St. George. It was SO awesome to see her!!



Oh my goodness I love this gal. She is so sweet.

She was a stray that was taken in by some people who decided that they couldn't keep her.

She is well behaved, and eager to please.

Ginger didn't like her right away, but Luna LOVES her. She and Luna rampaged around the yard for a couple hours the first night we had her.

I had to give her a bath, as she smelled pretty bad, but I couldn't brush her mats out. So I did what I could, and let the AMAZING wonderful gals at All Fur Love groomers to do their magic on her today!

Then we took her to the dog park to play while we visited with some good friends (we got to see Kiya too!) and laughed as all the dogs played.
Wow, she sure was having fun!

I'm sure that we won't have any problem at all finding this special girl a home. She's gorgeous and sweet... doesn't get any better than that.

Have a couple Trudy videos to share.
First one is at the dog park with Luna and Kiya.

Second one is Trudy playing outside with me (she has no interest in the ball, LOL!)
and then her with Luna in the house, playing.


Well, I think it's final now. Trudy is being adopted by a woman in New York. We are still working out travel plans, but looks like it's going to happen!
What a great adventure ahead for Trudy!


Just got news that Trudy has landed in NY! I'll share stories and photos when I get them.


Trudy's new mom just sent me video! Click HERE to see it!!!


More video!
Please be sure to subscribe to gidgetgormley on YouTube to catch all the new Trudy videos!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas from Cisco!

Got a photo of Cisco and his dad said I could share it with you here!
Isn't he oh so cute?



Simon was one of the HWAC rejects today. LOL.
He has a little bit of a cough, so they sent him back to us along with Levi.

So he gets to stay here tonight, and maybe a little longer till he goes back to his foster mom.

He's a sweet boy, and SO soft. What an adorable face, huh? Those eyes just make you fall in love with him.

He's not liking his crate so much, so sleep might not be happening for me tonight.


Simon went back to his foster mom today. It was fun having him here.. he is SO sweet.


Simon was accepted at HWAC today! I'm sure he'll be in a home before Christmas. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Had a great trip to HWAC this month! Several of H.A.R.T.'s dogs got accepted, and 3 of them were our fosters! YAY!

Syd, Sacha, and Sampson got accepted. Click on their names to read their stories.

Levi got rejected because he was coughing, but they will take him once he's healthy.



Sampson had been at our house once before, but only for a day between the shelter and Apple Valley. I knew that we'd bring him back to our house eventually, and I was right!

We went and picked up Sampson and Syd from AV so that they could spend a couple days at our house before going to HWAC.
He is such a great dog. He's got so much energy, but once the initial excitement is out of his system, he is REALLY well behaved, and oh so sweet.
I enjoy having him here. He's a sweet sweet boy.


Sampson got accepted at HWAC! They almost didn't take him because of his energy level, but he calmed down after being there only a little while, so they decided to accept him, and ended up loving him!

I'm so glad.. he is a great dog!
I'm glad we had the chance to have him here for a little while.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on Luna


Luna's story continues.

Go HERE to read her whole story.



I went to the shelter today to pick up Simon and take him out to Apple Valley, and ended up pulling Levi as well. He's got kennel cough, so I brought him home so I could get him started on antibiotics and see if we can't kick it before it gets too bad.

Guessing on his breed.. a lab mixed with Red Doberman?
He's only about 4 months old, and has got a great little personality. He knows 'sit', and he learned the dog door almost right away. No accidents in the house yet, so I'm thinking he may already be housebroken, which is a huge plus.

He seems to be ok with crating, and doesn't argue with me about going to bed in his crate.

He's super sweet, and has the most darling face.


Levi went to HWAC, but got rejected because he still has a bit of a cough. I thought for sure it was gone, he hadn't coughed in a few days, but that CA smog did him in. LOL.
So he's back at our house, and we'll put him back on antibiotics to see if we can't kick this cough in the butt.
HWAC loved him, and will take him back as soon as he's completely healthy.


Levi went with Simon to Lorraine's house till he gets better. It sure is quieter without him here, LOL!
I miss him though. He is a really great dog!


Tried Levi at HWAC again, and he is STILL coughing. We brought him back to our house though to give Lorraine a break from him. He is a great dog... just a little loud. LOL.


Levi is such a good boy. He really is. He's gorgeous, and well behaved. Yes, he is loud, but he listens and will stop it when told to.
He is being so great with the other dogs, and good with the cats.
He was great with our new foster that we brought home today.

I'm looking forward to the day when he finds his forever home, but I'll miss him when he goes.

Thought you'd enjoy a video of Levi learning to fetch. :)


Levi got adopted today!! His new home is in Vegas, and I think that he will do really great there. I've talked with his new family tonight, and it sounds like he is settling in nicely. (Though he has a bit of an upset stomach from the excitement of it all).

I'll miss the little bugger. He is such a great dog.

It sure is quiet here. LOL

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Audrey, Elliot, and Otis


Pet Airways is flying a whole load of dogs from here to a rescue in New York.

They had a few extra spaces that needed filling, and called on us to help them.

We scoured the city (cities!) today, and found 3 dogs that could go tomorrow with them.
They were specifically looking for dogs under 30 lbs who could get a good health certificate.

These 3 get to stay at our house tonight, then get transported to the airport tomorrow. What an adventure for them! All 3 are shelter rescues, and before the week is over they will have posh new homes, living the high life with the upper crust!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adoption update!

Obi got adopted this past weekend! Click HERE to read his whole story.



We picked up Chunky from the Enoch shelter last night. Her real name is Roxy or Bunny or something like that, but from the moment we pulled her from her kennel, she was Chunky to us! LOL

She'd been there for a few months, and wouldn't you know it, as we are driving home, 20 minutes after we pulled her, we got a call from the shelter saying that someone was there to adopt her!

So, rather than go to Apple Valley with the other shelter rescues we picked up today, Chunky got to come to my house. She'll go to her new home this morning.

She is a HOOT. She is an American Bulldog mix, only about 6-7 months old, and already 60 lbs! She is shorter than Luna though, so it's all muscle mass. And Chunky butt! LOL. She and Luna have been playing almost non-stop. They just love each other!

She's got a great personality, and is SO much fun. I wish that we were able to keep her longer than just an overnighter.

Oh, Lorraine just came and picked up Chunk while I was typing this. Luna is going nuts running around the house looking for her new buddy, crying. AWww. :(
Good bye Chunky! Enjoy your new life and your new home.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Miley and Ziggy



I just realized that I haven't written about Miley and Ziggy!

These 2 are brother and sister. They were owner released, kid was moving and couldn't take them with him. He really didn't want to give them up, and those are always the hardest for me. I would rather give a dog to someone than take one away. I can't handle those kind of tears.

They were kenneled in the office the first night, as we had no room, but the next morning we went and got them and brought them here.
Ziggy is a bit grouchy with other dogs, so he and Miley get the bungalow and side yard all to themselves. 3-4 times a day we lock all the other dogs in the house, and the doxies get the run of the whole yard.

They really are great dogs, and incredibly affectionate. I love playing with them, their personalities are so fun.

They are doxie mixes... we don't know what they are mixed with though. They are about the size of Beagles, and the color of Doxies. LOL.

I wish Ziggy wasn't such an alpha with other dogs. I'd love to have them in the house with us. They are a hoot, and I really like them.


We still have these two. They've gone to every adoption event with us, but it's hard when they need to be adopted together. Not many people want two dogs at once.
We tried them at HWAC, and they won't take them because they are a bonded pair.

We'll do our best here then. I hope that they get adopted soon. They've been here for too long already, and need a good home.



*doing the happy dance... doing the happy dance*


We had given up on them getting adopted together, and we testing them at being separated. It was ok for Miley, she went to a great foster home. It was a lot harder on Ziggy, but he adjusted as well.
They were split up for about a week or two, when we got the call that someone was interested in one of them, but weren't sure which one, so they wanted to meet both of them.
After the meeting, they decided to take them both for a trial run to see if they really wanted 2 dogs.
It went SO well, and they bonded so quickly. Their new family adores them, and they LOVE their new home.
I'm SO SO SO SO happy for them!


*still doing the happy dance!*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet Sacha


We brought Sacha home from the shelter today. Oh my goodness, she is a sweet doll. Love her little face.
She is a 4 month old Dutch Shepherd.

She did NOT like her bath, and I'm pretty sure that my neighbors thought I was killing a dog over here. Sheesh, what a racket.

She loves Tevin, and is having a blast playing with the other dogs here.


Sacha was awesome last night. Never even whimpered in her crate. I got up once to let her out to potty, and she didn't complain about going back in her crate when she was done.

She thinks she is one of the pack already, and tries to be a big girl, doing what all the big dogs do. LOL


Sacha got to go to Panaca with us for Thanksgiving. We couldn't leave her here, and there was nowhere else to take her. So, she got to go with.
She loved it! And she was so good. What a little trooper!

We went Christmas Tree hunting up on Mount Wilson all day Friday, and she was so awesome off leash. She hiked the mountain all day with us.
I'm so glad that we took her. She was so much fun to have there.


Sacha got accepted at HWAC. It was really difficult for me to let her go. I've gotten really attached to her, and I wish that she had been adopted locally so I could see what she looks like as an adult dog. She is such a gorgeous little gal, with such a phenomenal personality.

Oh gosh, now I'm crying again. I'll miss my little Sacha.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycle boy, Syd


Oh Syd. Where to even start. LOL

Syd was a stray found in the mountains around Cedar City and was taken to the Iron Co shelter, and that's where we got him.

He was adopted by an eccentric (?) woman who traveled around in her motorhome. He's the type of dog who would love the nomad lifestyle, and it seemed a good fit.

She's had him for a couple months.

While Lorraine and I were in CA, doing the run to HWAC, this woman calls us and leaves a message saying that she can't keep Syd anymore and she has left him tied to the recycle bin at WalMart. We need to come get him immediately.


I immediately called Wade, and he ran out to WalMart, and there was Syd. The woman was there watching from a distance to make sure that we got him (rolleyes).

I got an E-mail from her that night that said that Syd was forced into being a bad dog so that she would get rid of him because she is involved in a government law suit and Syd knew too much.

Yeah. Cuckoo.

At any rate, Syd is here now, and is getting lots of love and attention from our gang. :) He's a sweet boy, very very loving. And obviously used to being around crazy people. LOL


Syd went to Apple Valley for awhile. He and Obi weren't getting along too well, so we thought it would be best to split them up. He LOVES it out there and is getting along great with the dogs that are out there right now. :)


Went and got Syd and Sampson from AV so that they could spend a couple days with us before going to HWAC. Syd was SOOO happy to see Wade. And he was so happy to come back home with us. It's good to have him back. He's such a great boy, and we love having him here. Just a big ol teddy bear with the gentlest personality.


Syd got accepted at HWAC. They loved him! I'm sure that they will find him a wonderful home where he will be loved like he deserves. I'll miss our boy though... goodbye secret agent Syd!

Big Blue


Blue was an owner release to us.
He needed more attention and exercise than his owners were able to give him.
He is SO big!

He's about 10 pounds more than Amikah, but he's slender. He's just TALL.

He is only 11 months old, and is still very much a puppy.
He has no idea where his feet are. LOL.

He barked all night the first night we had him crated, so since then he's been sleeping on our bed with us and the other 2, no...3, no.. wait, 4 dogs. LOL. It's cozy to say the least.

He's doing really great here, learning what is expected of him in our house.
No chasing the cat, no putting paws on the counter (though he can put his head on the counter without even stretching).

He's a sweet boy with a lot of love to give.


Blue is adopted! He went to a family that will be great for him... a couple of kids, and another Weimaraner to play with! And he didn't bark at all his first night in his new home. Go figure, LOL.

Update, May 2011

Blue sure has been through a lot.
He was returned after his family had him over a year, because their son was diagnosed with asthma, and they just couldn't keep the dogs in the house anymore. Blue wasn't having any of that, and just couldn't adjust, so they returned him to us.

We had him for a few weeks before he was adopted by a family with another Weimaraner.
They had him for about 3 months before returning him to us. I guess 2 Weims in the house were more than what they had expected it to be.

We tried him at HWAC, and he didn't pass the physical test, so he came home with us.

What are we going to do with this big guy? He's SUCH a goof. Hopefully the RIGHT home is just waiting around the corner for him.

Saturday, November 14, 2009



It's been quite busy here lately!

Amara was adopted! YAY! I'm so happy with where she is now. I think that she will have a wonderful life with her new family.

Charlie was accepted at HWAC this week. I was sad to see him go, but I know that they will find him a wonderful home.

We had Sampson here for a day, then he went to Apple Valley for a little while. I'm sure we'll have him back before too long, and I'll get a post up for him then.

Right now, we have 2 new fosters, Blue and Syd. I'll put posts up about them hopefully soon.

Luna has been adopted, but we still have her till she gets spayed on Monday, then she will go to her new home. I'll update her post when that happens.

It's been a whirlwind of activity here, and even though I am exhausted, I am happy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


You know what... there is something in the demeanor of a dog when brought home directly from the shelter.

They have this look that they give you.
I'd like to imagine that it is a look of thanks.

That just hours ago they were in a tiny square cement cage with no air or light. And now they are being pet and loved on, with a few kind words. A bath, some good treats, and a place to run.
They have a look of gratitude on their faces that melts your heart. Literally melts it, and it leaks out of your eyes.

Just now, the way that Charlie is looking at me, laying his head on my lap while I pet his ears.... I wish that I could adequately describe the emotions that elicits.

Obi (Wan Kenobi)


Obi is an absolute doll.

I think they were a little surprised that we took him from the shelter, as he was "hyper and unmanageable".

Nah, he was just kennel crazy. After bringing him home and letting him run, he is actually a really great dog.

He is well behaved, and is willing to do whatever we want him to.

He gets along great with the other dogs, though he is a bit amorous with Luna. LOL.

Doesn't he look like a big, furry Jaxson?


Obi went to California with us to HWAC, and passed his temperament test with flying colors. They loved him.
But he failed the physical. They said that his left thigh muscle was bigger than his right. So that tells them that at one time he may have favored his right leg for some reason.
And they rejected him for that.

We had a BLAST with him and Luna at the dog parks and the hotel. They were so awesome. He is such an amazing dog. I didn't mind bringing him back home.


Obi is adopted! He fit right in with his new family. They said that his only bad habits are begging for food (shame on Joshua) and wanting to sleep on the bed (shame on us). LOL. They love him, and I think they will be a great home for him!



We made a trip to Cedar today to pick up some dogs from a Shelter that was over-full.
Charlie is one of the dogs that we brought home.

We aren't sure what kind of dog he is, but looks like he's got some greyhound in him.

He is SO unbelievably sweet. Very mellow, a little shy. What an adorable dog.
I'm glad we were able to bring him home today.


Charlie has some pretty severe abandonment issues. He needs to know where we are at ALL times. We tried crating him on his first night here and he tried digging out of his crate, causing quite a lot of damage.
He now gets run of the house at night and seems to do ok, as long as I am sleeping on the couch. As soon as I go to bed, he just wanders the house crying.
When I sleep on the couch, he comes up and nuzzles me for a minute, then goes outside to sleep for a bit. Then comes in to see I'm still where he can see me, and goes back outside to sleep. He does that all night long.
We'll get it worked out to where he's ok with coming in the bedroom to 'check on me'.

He is a sweetheart, and I adore him.


Charlie got accepted at HWAC! YAY! I'm happy for him, and know that they will find him a wonderful home.