Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Sampson had been at our house once before, but only for a day between the shelter and Apple Valley. I knew that we'd bring him back to our house eventually, and I was right!

We went and picked up Sampson and Syd from AV so that they could spend a couple days at our house before going to HWAC.
He is such a great dog. He's got so much energy, but once the initial excitement is out of his system, he is REALLY well behaved, and oh so sweet.
I enjoy having him here. He's a sweet sweet boy.


Sampson got accepted at HWAC! They almost didn't take him because of his energy level, but he calmed down after being there only a little while, so they decided to accept him, and ended up loving him!

I'm so glad.. he is a great dog!
I'm glad we had the chance to have him here for a little while.

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