Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Sierra


Got Sierra from the shelter today and brought her home.

She is a little overwhelmed with all of the activity here, and she's a little shy, but oh so so sweet.

You know the soft spot I have in my heart for a hound of any kind.

We had gone to the shelter to vaccinate her, and I couldn't leave without her. LOL. I'm a sap.

It's ok though, as Bonnie went to her new home today, a few days early. So we have a space for Sierra. And I'm so glad. :) Thank you Lorraine, for taking Noah, so that we could take Sierra. Give him a big hug for me. :)


Sierra went to her new home today. It was the perfect home for this sweet little girl. We took her with us on our way to HWAC, and dropped her off in Vegas with her new mom and dad.
She is going to have such a great life with them!


I've gotten an update from Sierra's new family!

They've changed her name to Molly, and they say that she is doing GREAT! They love her, and she is settling in nicely.
I'm so so happy for her. How wonderful.
Just think...a week ago, her life was a cement kennel in a shelter. Now look what she has! It is nothing short of awesome.

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