Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Oh my goodness I love this gal. She is so sweet.

She was a stray that was taken in by some people who decided that they couldn't keep her.

She is well behaved, and eager to please.

Ginger didn't like her right away, but Luna LOVES her. She and Luna rampaged around the yard for a couple hours the first night we had her.

I had to give her a bath, as she smelled pretty bad, but I couldn't brush her mats out. So I did what I could, and let the AMAZING wonderful gals at All Fur Love groomers to do their magic on her today!

Then we took her to the dog park to play while we visited with some good friends (we got to see Kiya too!) and laughed as all the dogs played.
Wow, she sure was having fun!

I'm sure that we won't have any problem at all finding this special girl a home. She's gorgeous and sweet... doesn't get any better than that.

Have a couple Trudy videos to share.
First one is at the dog park with Luna and Kiya.

Second one is Trudy playing outside with me (she has no interest in the ball, LOL!)
and then her with Luna in the house, playing.


Well, I think it's final now. Trudy is being adopted by a woman in New York. We are still working out travel plans, but looks like it's going to happen!
What a great adventure ahead for Trudy!


Just got news that Trudy has landed in NY! I'll share stories and photos when I get them.


Trudy's new mom just sent me video! Click HERE to see it!!!


More video!
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