Thursday, August 4, 2011


We've had Lia since January, you can follow her story starting HERE.

It's time to update without making you scroll all the way back through months of posts. :)

Lia has turned out to be a really REALLY great dog.

Grown out of her puppy issues, she is so well behaved. She is such a snuggler, and seems to know just when to snuggle... she's so in tune with our emotions, it just amazes me.

I'm impressed with how wonderful she is with kids. She ADORES kids. Every day I'm more impressed with her, and every day I love her more. She has been through SO much, and SO deserves an absolutely wonderful family.

I know that there is a perfect family out there waiting for Lia.

Lia was accepted at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and currently has a pending adoption! 

Zeus, the last of the Wonder Puppies

You can follow his whole story starting HERE and continued HERE.

All of Zeus' brothers and sisters have long been adopted. This little guy is still waiting for his forever home, and I can't for the life of me figure out why no one has snatched him up.

He's over 8 months old now, and I think he's about as big as he's going to get, which isn't big at all. LOL. We call him our Pocket Pittie. :)

He is sweet, smart, obedient, and loving. He's housebroken, good with the other dogs and the cats.
He sleeps on the bed with us (he took over Amikah's spot when she moved to her own bed), and has learned how to snuggle in slowly and quietly to get all the way up to the pillows at the top without us noticing. LOL.

Absolutley love this little guy.

He's definitely not a traveler. Gets car sick really easily. We've been taking him on more short rides in the car to see if it's something he'll get over eventually.

I know his forever home is out there somewhere, just waiting for him.

Zeus is ADOPTED. His forever family already has a H.A.R.T. dog, Brooklyn. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Angel came from a shelter up north a couple months ago and has been staying in a different foster home till now.
Shortly after we got her, we learned that she was confiscated from the same home that the Wonder Puppies came from when her owners were charged. A couple of the dogs that were removed from the home were deemed 'unadoptable' and euthanized at the shelter. :(
Angel was on the urgent list, and was lucky enough to get to go to Peg's house rather than her last days being scared and alone in the shelter.

She's timid, and has some fear issues, but she is oh so sweet. She's been at Peg's for a couple months, but it was decided that she would probably fit better at my house with our younger more active dogs. :)

We brought her home yesterday, and so far she's doing really well. She is a bit nervous meeting everyone new who comes in, but I think she'll start to settle in quickly.

There is a possibility that she could be the mother or aunt of Baby. We've always thought that Baby was from a different litter than the Wonder Puppies. She's SO different from them in so many ways.
Wouldn't it be nuts if Angel was her mom? Weirder things have happened. :)

UPDATE 7-15-11
Angel went to a different foster home while we went on our family reunion camping trip. She's doing well there, so they are keeping her as a foster rather than sending her back to us.
She's got some anxiety, and moving her back and forth isn't good for her, so this is will be best for her I think.
Hopefully she gets a forever home soon!

Angel is ADOPTED!

Mason, Thor, and Honey

May 26-11

We got these 3 pups before their owner took them to the shelter. (And we got their Mama dog spayed, so NO MORE puppies for them!)

They are not quite 5 months old, absolutely GORGEOUS, and big!

Mason is the boisterous outgoing one, and the biggest of the bunch. He's such a sweet boy, loves everyone and everything. Look at the size of his FEET!!

Update: June 21, 2011
Mason went to HWAC with us, and was accepted there. He found a home in CA pretty quickly. Someone there is a lucky family to get such a great dog!

Thor is stunningly beautiful, with a personality to match. He's such a sweet boy, and SO smart.

UPDATE: 8-1-11
We had Thor a bit longer than the others. He is a bit shy, but so super sweet. We absolutely loved having him here. He loved the water, and was a source of constant entertainment for us. :)
He was adopted Saturday, and hopefully starting to settle in. They report that he's a little bit shy of the dad in the family, but we've talked about ways for them to work with his shyness and pull him out of his shell.

Honey is the little girl, smallest of the bunch. She's a little shy, but oh so sweet. She loves Wade. :) We're working on her social skills, and she's getting a little better every day. She's going to make someone a wonderful companion.

UPDATE 7-15-11
Honey went to a different foster home while we were on our family reunion vacation, and she was adopted while we were gone! LOL. Great new family who absolutely loves her. I love the updated pictures of her snuggled up with her little boy!


May 3, 2011

Emma is absolutely adorable. She's got kennel cough, so is being treated for that before she's available for adoption. She is 2 yrs old, and has got the sweetest personality. What a doll.

UPDATE: Emma is at a different foster home while she's being treated for kc, so we don't have to worry about the puppies catching it.

June 8, 2011

Emma's kennel cough was gone, and her foster mom going out of town the end of May, so Emma came back to us.
She went to her first adoption event with us, and was the hit of the day, even though she wasn't adopted. What a sweetheart of a girl.

Before her next adoption event, a family called who had seen her online. They came and picked her up Saturday morning for a weekend sleepover. By Monday, they couldn't imagine life without her, and her adoption was finalized. YAY for Emma! When I went to their home to finish up the paperwork, she looked SO happy. What a perfect fit for her.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


May 24, 2011

What a crazy few months it's been.

Finally, after almost 5 months, we were able to take down the puppy pen/play area that we'd built and that had been full of puppies for so long.
They were slowly adopted one by one, and when the last 2 were adopted this last weekend, we cheered. And we cried.

4-5 months is a long long long time to have so many puppies. Baylee's 10, the 7 Wonder puppies, and the many others that came and went in the meantime.

However, as tiring as it was, it was worth it. I loved every single one of those pups. And each one of them takes a piece of my heart with them when they go to their new homes.

We are still trying to reduce the number of our fosters for this summer so that we can take a much needed break and maybe a vacation for a little bit.

Right now, we have Lia, Tracy, Blue, Mindy, Zeus, Artie, Stephen and William.

Stephen and William are adopted, just waiting for them to be picked up and taken home this weekend.
Mindy is hopefully going to be adopted and going home before this weekend as well.

Zeus and Artie are the last 2 Wonder pups. They are housebroken now, and we don't even have to crate them when we leave the house. Good boys.
We have an adoption event this Saturday, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these 2 great boys find their forever homes.

Tracy is a doll and I love her. I can't believe that no one has been interested in her yet. She would make such an awesome family dog.

Lia is like having 10 dogs. LOL. She's energetic and quite loud when she plays. She's been through SO much in her short little life, and she's our family 'project'. :) She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and it takes a bit more effort and patience to give her what she needs. She wants so badly to please us, and she does try.

And Blue. What can I say about Blue? He's a big ol goof, and I feel so badly for him that he has been returned twice. The right home for him is out there somewhere. I know it.

And Blue is back... Again.

Blue's original post HERE.

May 2011

Blue sure has been through a lot, poor guy.
He was adopted in 2009, then returned after a year and a half, because their son was diagnosed with asthma, and they couldn't keep the dogs in the house anymore. Blue wasn't having any of that, and just couldn't adjust, so they returned him to us.

We had him for a few weeks before he was adopted by a family with another Weimaraner.
They had him for about 3 months before returning him to us. I guess 2 Weims in the house were more than what they had expected it to be. Not everyone has that kind of patience, LOL.

We tried him at HWAC, but he came home with us.

What are we going to do with this big guy? He's SUCH a goof. Hopefully the RIGHT home is just waiting around the corner for him.

And almost as quickly as he'd been returned, he was adopted. Wonderful family in Vegas who have had Weims before and love (and understand) the breed.
YAY for Blue! Let's hope this time it STICKS!


May 2011

Mindy came from the shelter the same time as Oso and Amanda and that bunch. She went to CA with us, but didn't get accepted, so she came back.

Love this little girl. She's energetic and loving, and so so sweet. She just wants to be right next to me all the time.

We met someone in CA while we were walking the dogs there, who sent Mindy's picture to his mom. She called, and will be coming to meet Mindy this week, hopefully to adopt her! :)

UPDATE 6-1-11:

The CA person never showed up for Mindy, which turned out ok, because the perfect Mindy family was waiting just around the corner. I had placed an ad on Craigslist for Mindy and they saw her there. It was the goofy face that they fell in love with, I know it, LOL.
They have a wonderful energetic Chocolate Lab who is now Mindy's brother, and she's got a fantastic new life with them!

5 Lab Puppies

May 2011

Had these little cuties for a few days before they made the road trip to CA. :)

Fun, gorgeous little pups, we didn't even have time to name them. And I wouldn't have been able to tell them apart even if we had, LOL.

They were a month younger than Baylee's puppies, and the same size! Big pups. And oh so squishy.

Oso, Amanda, Buddy, Kipper and Hailey

May 2011

Didn't have these guys for very long, but they were great while we had them.

Oso and Amanda came from the same shelter, both were accepted at HWAC.

Oso was so gorgeous, and so sweet. Really fantastic dog. I can't believe he was in the shelter for as long as he was. He was adopted almost immediately at HWAC.

Amanda was only with us for a couple days before going to a different foster home where there was a bit less energy than with us. A cute little thing, about 5 years old.

Buddy came from the shelter as well, and was with us for a little while before going to a different foster home. About 3 years old, he had the cutest personality. Loved this little guy!
He was accepted at HWAC.

Kipper and Hailey came from the shelter too, and we only had them here a couple days before going to HWAC. They were both accepted. (shelter photos... I didn't have time to take new pictures of them. How sad is that?)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May 3, 2011

Charlie came from the shelter as well.

Charlie is a sweetheart of a boy, only a year old. He's happy and fun, and oh so cute.
I can't imagine we'll have him for long before he's adopted.

UPDATE: Charlie is adopted! He's got a great new family that just adores him. :)

Avis and Reuben

April 2011

Picked these two great pups up from the shelter last week.

Avis had been there for almost a month, can you believe it? She was super skinny, but has gained some weight since we've had her.
She's only about 5 months old, and so so sweet. She is smart too, has already learned 'sit' and 'wait'.

May update:
Avis was accepted at HWAC. Look how pretty she was before we left. She'd gained a good amount of weight in that month with us. :)

Reuben is only about 4 months old, and what a character he is! He's got that adorable Pittie face that I just love and want to squish. :)
He thinks it's the greatest thing EVER to be here with all these puppies. He's having the time of his life in the puppy pile.

May Update:
Reuben moved to another foster home for awhile to give us a puppy break. He's such a sweet boy, I can't imagine having him for too much longer before he's adopted!
Update: ADOPTED!

Baylee and pups Update

It's been a long journey for Mama Baylee and her pups as well! I can't believe it's been 4 months!!!
Original post HERE.

William and Jane were fostered and bottle fed by another foster while we kept Mama Baylee and the other 9 pups here. Unfortunately, we lost little Jane early on. I am still amazed to this day that William survived, he was so tiny, but such a fighter.

When the pups were about 6 weeks old, and ready to be weaned, we brought William here with the other puppies, and Baylee went to the foster mom that had been keeping him.

It's been great fun watching the pups grow, and develop their personalities. I've loved every minute of it (even the tough times), and I love each and every one of the pups.

Mixed emotions every time one of them gets adopted. I'm so happy for them, but at the same time, it's hard to let them go. We've had them for so long that they have become a part of our lives.

We have Baylee back here as well now, and it's great having her back in the house. We've missed her! Her other foster mom had her for about 6-7 weeks while she dried up and got spayed. No more puppies for Baylee!

As of right now, 6 of the pups have been adopted, and 4 are still waiting here patiently for their forever families to claim them.

There are too many photos to share, so I'm only going to share the latest ones.

Edgar (Now Ludo) was the first to be adopted.

Then Charlotte went home.

William and Stephen are adopted together! YAY!

Louisa (now Carly) was adopted by our daughter's roommate, so she lives with Baby (one of the Wonder pups!)

Charles was adopted as well.

Twain, Madeleine, Harper, and Seuss are still here and waiting!

UPDATE: Mama Baylee is ADOPTED!!! 5-9-11. She's got a wonderful new family that loves her! I'm so happy that she finally has found her forever home.

May update:

All of Baylee's puppies have been adopted! Twain and Madeleine were the last to go, and they got adopted TOGETHER! Woo hoo!!!

Wonder Puppies Update

Can you even believe that it's been over 3 months since we got the Wonder Puppies??
Original post HERE.

Who could have imagined that those sickly, tiny puppies would have turned out to be such gorgeous dogs? Well behaved, happy, and loving life.

We have loved having these pups here, and have rejoiced each time one is adopted.

Baby was never really up for adoption, as she was almost immediately claimed by our daughter.
(Pictured with her adopted sister, Carly aka Louisa from Baylee's litter of pups!)

The first to be adopted was sweet Giza (now Piper Joy).

Then Andria, then Rhod.

We still have Zeus, Hali, and Artie here, and they are waiting patiently for their forever homes.
Absolutely wonderful puppies, and I wouldn't trade our experiences with them for anything. It's been a rough few months with their treatments, but SO worth it in the end!

UPDATE: Hali is ADOPTED! She's got a wonderful new home, where she is loved like she deserves! YAY for Hali!

5-25-11 And now Artie is adopted !!! WOO HOO!!!