Sunday, June 27, 2010



This adorable little pup was owner released to the shelter. He had just shown up there a couple hours before Wade and I went to take photos of the shelter dogs, and we decided he needed to come home with us rather than wait out his days there.

He is a hoot! He's only 12 weeks old, has a fantastic little personality, and is loving playing with the other dogs. He's using the dog door already, but we're still working on housebreaking. :)

We've already had a couple people interested in adopting him, so I'm sure that we won't have this little guy for long. :)


Yoshi is adopted! YAY! I knew that he'd find his forever home quickly. He went to a great home, and has a great adventure ahead of him!

Friday, June 18, 2010



Athena was one of the Dolan dogs.
She's our newest foster.

When we got her last month, she was almost feral. Scared of everything. She's been at AV for a few weeks, and we just brought her to our house to see if we could work with her on a more intimate level.

I can't even describe to you the difference in this dog now...

She is completely housebroken, though she'd never been in a house before. Uses the dog door.

She hangs out on the couch. Perfectly content.

Fairly calm personality, very attentive, but laid back.

She has completely transformed.
My brother came over to visit tonight, and she ran up to him to say hi, and accepted love, with no fear at all.

She played tonight.
She's never even SEEN a toy before, never been played with, and she FETCHED.
She jumped on the yellow ring like a kitten with a cat toy. It was hilarious, and emotional all at the same time.

She brought it back to me every time, and got serious bendy wiggles when I took it from her.

She is so unbelievably sweet and such a great house dog.

I'm speechless. That she could transform SO quickly in just a short time is unbelievable, and says a LOT about her character.

We were thinking that we were going to have her here for weeks, rehabilitating her, but we're going to take her to the adoption event tomorrow to see how she does amidst chaos. I hope that someone sees her there and falls in love with her like I have.

Athena is on a sleepover! Oh I hope that this works out... I think this will be the perfect home for her. :)

Athena's adoption was final today after she was spayed. YAY! I'm so happy for this little gal. She deserves the best, and she found her perfect match.

Friday, June 11, 2010



We got Tiki the same time as Chloe and Katie the Chihuahuas, from the elderly woman who was sent to the hospital so she was unable to care for her dogs.

Tiki has been at a different foster home for awhile, and she went to HWAC with us on this last run, but she wasn't accepted. We decided that she needed a bit more socialization, so we are keeping her here with us rather than send her back to her last foster home, as she'll have more chances to be socialized here.

She is SO freaking sweet. What a doll. I adore her. Everything about her is sweet and loving.


This girl is just adorable. She has the greatest personality. She is calm and sweet and fun. She loves attention, and I love how she will just sit in front of you with the wiggle bottom and smile at you till you pet her. LOL!

She will be meeting a family over 4th of July weekend and hopefully they will fall in love with her like we have!


And Tiki is adopted! It couldn't have been any more perfect for our Tiki, and I am SO SO happy for her! She now lives a wonderful life in Arizona, with a GREAT family who will give her the life that she deserves. They said that she is a treasure, and I agree!



Rebel was one of the dogs we pulled from the shelter to go to HWAC, but he wasn't accepted there, so he came back here.

He is only 8 months old, and has a great personality. He's a sweet boy, eager to please, and he tries SO hard to fit in. He loves to play with Luna, to the point where I have to separate them if I want any kind of peace at all during the day, LOL!

He has great manners and has the MOST expressive face!
He was a hoot in the hotel room in California (though he did have an accident, or 2, or 5).

He's doing great here, and fits in with our pack nicely. He's going to our adoption event this weekend, and I have high hopes for him!


Rebel was adopted today at our adoption event! He's going to a really great home, where he will get all the love and attention that he needs!



Moose was an owner release to us.
His family didn't realize he was going to be as big as he is, and they lived in a small house with no yard, so he wasn't happy there.

We set up everything on the phone, and let me tell you... I was NOT expecting to see what I saw when we pulled up to their house, LOL! I was expecting a 5 1/2 month old PUPPY. What I saw was a ginormous dog with a puppy personality. HAHA!

What a goof this dog is. He's so lurpy... doesn't know his boundaries at all.
He's SO much fun, and really loves the other dogs here. He is a sweetheart and VERY loving.

I have no doubt that we'll find him a home quickly, though I'm going to be very thorough on the screening. Whoever adopts Moose will have to be ready for the size of his body AND the size of his personality!


Moose is off on his grand adventure! He left this morning for his life with his new family. His first day with them will be spent driving to California to their new home.
What a great dog... he'll be missed! I loved having him here.

Moose was returned to us by his adopters for various reasons, none of which were his fault. We only had him back for about a week or so before he was adopted by a fantastic local family. They've got lots of young boys who he gets to play with, and is loving the active life!

Miller, Brenna, Dancer, Davey, Crockett, and Taz

6-7-10 to 6-9-10

These 6 sweet dogs were all temporary stays just the few days before our HWAC run.
Miller and Brenna had been in a different foster home, and Dancer and Taz had been at our AV location for awhile. Davey and Crockett came from the shelter.

Everyone was really really great! They fit into our pack with no issues whatsoever. Everyone got along great!

Miller was such a sweet boy, loved everyone, and had such a gentle soul.

Brenna was SO happy to be here with the other dogs. She is quite the social butterfly, and had a great heart!

Taz was a little pistol! The first thing he did was attack Ginger's kneecap. LOL! He realized after 15 minutes of being here that he didnt' need to prove himself to anyone, and he settled in nicely. What a funny little guy.. so fun!

Dancer was such a great dog! He was great for his bath, and had a fantastic personality. Gentle and loving, and very very well behaved!

Davey was such a pretty little dog. He LOVED Ginger! He made the cutest facial expressions! LOL!

Crockett was supposed to go to HWAC, but decided it would be fun to get stuck in my fence. He bruised himself, so we decided to give him time to feel better and not put him through the trials of the transport. He went to Apple Valley to get some R&R.

Everyone got accepted at HWAC! (well... not Crockett, but it's cause we didnt' send him, LOL)

Friday, June 4, 2010



Millie was one of the dogs that came from Dolan Springs, AZ. She'd been at Apple Valley for a little while, then was taken into the vet to treat a cat bite that she had on her side.
After treatment, she needed to be in a home, so she went to one of our other foster homes for a few days, until they went out of town, then she came here.

She is a sweet sweet girl, only about 4 months old, with HEEUGE feet. LOL. Of all the Dolan dogs, she socialized the quickest. She really has come a long way since we first brought her to H.A.R.T.

She loves the other dogs, and loves to play. She listens well, and is doing great so far learning what is expected of her.

She'll be going to a different foster home while we go out of town for my sister's wedding, and then hopefully she'll be off to HWAC next week!

Millie was accepted at HWAC! YAY! I'll miss the little gal, she was SO sweet!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


June 1, 2010

It's been awhile since I've written anything, and thought it was about time to update!

Vikki and Misty both got accepted at HWAC last week. :)
Paxton had surgery to remove the infected foxtail in his throat, and he was adopted!

Amos spent a few days with Paxton's family while we were on our road trip, and Joey went back to his previous foster home while we were gone as well.

We have Amos back now, and will get Joey back the start of next week. And we'll be ready then to get a few new fosters as well! Get ready for more stories and photos then!