Friday, June 11, 2010



Moose was an owner release to us.
His family didn't realize he was going to be as big as he is, and they lived in a small house with no yard, so he wasn't happy there.

We set up everything on the phone, and let me tell you... I was NOT expecting to see what I saw when we pulled up to their house, LOL! I was expecting a 5 1/2 month old PUPPY. What I saw was a ginormous dog with a puppy personality. HAHA!

What a goof this dog is. He's so lurpy... doesn't know his boundaries at all.
He's SO much fun, and really loves the other dogs here. He is a sweetheart and VERY loving.

I have no doubt that we'll find him a home quickly, though I'm going to be very thorough on the screening. Whoever adopts Moose will have to be ready for the size of his body AND the size of his personality!


Moose is off on his grand adventure! He left this morning for his life with his new family. His first day with them will be spent driving to California to their new home.
What a great dog... he'll be missed! I loved having him here.

Moose was returned to us by his adopters for various reasons, none of which were his fault. We only had him back for about a week or so before he was adopted by a fantastic local family. They've got lots of young boys who he gets to play with, and is loving the active life!

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