Friday, June 18, 2010



Athena was one of the Dolan dogs.
She's our newest foster.

When we got her last month, she was almost feral. Scared of everything. She's been at AV for a few weeks, and we just brought her to our house to see if we could work with her on a more intimate level.

I can't even describe to you the difference in this dog now...

She is completely housebroken, though she'd never been in a house before. Uses the dog door.

She hangs out on the couch. Perfectly content.

Fairly calm personality, very attentive, but laid back.

She has completely transformed.
My brother came over to visit tonight, and she ran up to him to say hi, and accepted love, with no fear at all.

She played tonight.
She's never even SEEN a toy before, never been played with, and she FETCHED.
She jumped on the yellow ring like a kitten with a cat toy. It was hilarious, and emotional all at the same time.

She brought it back to me every time, and got serious bendy wiggles when I took it from her.

She is so unbelievably sweet and such a great house dog.

I'm speechless. That she could transform SO quickly in just a short time is unbelievable, and says a LOT about her character.

We were thinking that we were going to have her here for weeks, rehabilitating her, but we're going to take her to the adoption event tomorrow to see how she does amidst chaos. I hope that someone sees her there and falls in love with her like I have.

Athena is on a sleepover! Oh I hope that this works out... I think this will be the perfect home for her. :)

Athena's adoption was final today after she was spayed. YAY! I'm so happy for this little gal. She deserves the best, and she found her perfect match.

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