Friday, June 11, 2010

Miller, Brenna, Dancer, Davey, Crockett, and Taz

6-7-10 to 6-9-10

These 6 sweet dogs were all temporary stays just the few days before our HWAC run.
Miller and Brenna had been in a different foster home, and Dancer and Taz had been at our AV location for awhile. Davey and Crockett came from the shelter.

Everyone was really really great! They fit into our pack with no issues whatsoever. Everyone got along great!

Miller was such a sweet boy, loved everyone, and had such a gentle soul.

Brenna was SO happy to be here with the other dogs. She is quite the social butterfly, and had a great heart!

Taz was a little pistol! The first thing he did was attack Ginger's kneecap. LOL! He realized after 15 minutes of being here that he didnt' need to prove himself to anyone, and he settled in nicely. What a funny little guy.. so fun!

Dancer was such a great dog! He was great for his bath, and had a fantastic personality. Gentle and loving, and very very well behaved!

Davey was such a pretty little dog. He LOVED Ginger! He made the cutest facial expressions! LOL!

Crockett was supposed to go to HWAC, but decided it would be fun to get stuck in my fence. He bruised himself, so we decided to give him time to feel better and not put him through the trials of the transport. He went to Apple Valley to get some R&R.

Everyone got accepted at HWAC! (well... not Crockett, but it's cause we didnt' send him, LOL)

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