Friday, June 11, 2010



We got Tiki the same time as Chloe and Katie the Chihuahuas, from the elderly woman who was sent to the hospital so she was unable to care for her dogs.

Tiki has been at a different foster home for awhile, and she went to HWAC with us on this last run, but she wasn't accepted. We decided that she needed a bit more socialization, so we are keeping her here with us rather than send her back to her last foster home, as she'll have more chances to be socialized here.

She is SO freaking sweet. What a doll. I adore her. Everything about her is sweet and loving.


This girl is just adorable. She has the greatest personality. She is calm and sweet and fun. She loves attention, and I love how she will just sit in front of you with the wiggle bottom and smile at you till you pet her. LOL!

She will be meeting a family over 4th of July weekend and hopefully they will fall in love with her like we have!


And Tiki is adopted! It couldn't have been any more perfect for our Tiki, and I am SO SO happy for her! She now lives a wonderful life in Arizona, with a GREAT family who will give her the life that she deserves. They said that she is a treasure, and I agree!

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