Friday, June 4, 2010



Millie was one of the dogs that came from Dolan Springs, AZ. She'd been at Apple Valley for a little while, then was taken into the vet to treat a cat bite that she had on her side.
After treatment, she needed to be in a home, so she went to one of our other foster homes for a few days, until they went out of town, then she came here.

She is a sweet sweet girl, only about 4 months old, with HEEUGE feet. LOL. Of all the Dolan dogs, she socialized the quickest. She really has come a long way since we first brought her to H.A.R.T.

She loves the other dogs, and loves to play. She listens well, and is doing great so far learning what is expected of her.

She'll be going to a different foster home while we go out of town for my sister's wedding, and then hopefully she'll be off to HWAC next week!

Millie was accepted at HWAC! YAY! I'll miss the little gal, she was SO sweet!

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