Friday, June 11, 2010



Rebel was one of the dogs we pulled from the shelter to go to HWAC, but he wasn't accepted there, so he came back here.

He is only 8 months old, and has a great personality. He's a sweet boy, eager to please, and he tries SO hard to fit in. He loves to play with Luna, to the point where I have to separate them if I want any kind of peace at all during the day, LOL!

He has great manners and has the MOST expressive face!
He was a hoot in the hotel room in California (though he did have an accident, or 2, or 5).

He's doing great here, and fits in with our pack nicely. He's going to our adoption event this weekend, and I have high hopes for him!


Rebel was adopted today at our adoption event! He's going to a really great home, where he will get all the love and attention that he needs!

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