Friday, May 14, 2010



Paxton came to us malnourished and unhealthy, and had been living on grass and weeds for who knows how long. He is very underweight, and seems a bit sad. He's got a broken tail, and he was sunburnt on his face and ears.

He's a sweet sweet boy, and he looks jut like our Pixie! He is such a gorgeous boy. We think that he and Pixie must be littermates, separated at birth. It's the only explanation for these 2 itty bitty pitties who are almost identical in every way. LOL

He's got an infection in his throat, so he's all swollen, but the vet says that it should work itself out before too long, with some antibiotics and painkillers. Poor little guy. He's got the sweetest little face, and the most gentle personality.


Pax had to go back into the vet because the swelling got SO bad that he was having a hard time breathing. They had to cut his throat open and get the foxtail out, then leave it open so that the infection could drain. Grody icky gross!

After we brought him back from the vet, he went to a different foster home, and they decided to adopt him!
YAY! We made it final today! Yay for Pax! He's got a wonderful new home where he is SO loved. :)

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