Sunday, May 16, 2010



We pulled Vikki from the Enoch shelter. She's been there awhile, and I've been so anxious to go get her! She looks so much like our Obi and Keeya!

When we first brought her home, she went to a different foster home, but it turned out that she didn't get along really well with their other dog, so she came here.
She is doing really really great. She's a bit 'love possessive', meaning that if I'm loving on her and another dog comes up to us, she'll growl a bit, but she's been reprimanded a few times for it, and is doing SO much better.
She is a bit anxious, and needy, but that often happens with dogs who have been at the shelter for awhile.

She is very very sweet, and very loving. She listens EXTREMELY well, and is unbelievable attentive. She is very smart, and willing to learn anything.
She is housebroken already, uses the dog door, and we are working on crate training.
I can't wait to find this wonderful girl a perfect home!


Vikki was accepted at HWAC today! YAY! I'm so happy for her. :) It was fun having her here, but she was one of those fosters that sucks the energy right out of you. LOL. I have no doubt in my mind that HWAC will match her up with her perfect forever home. :)

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