Monday, May 17, 2010

Joey the Chiweenie


Not to be confused with Joey the Irish Setter. ;)

Joey has been a H.A.R.T. dog for a few months, but his foster mom is going to be out of town for a few weeks, so Joey gets to stay here with us. :)
He is very shy and nervous around people, but really loves the other dogs. He's got a cute personality.
He acts like he WANTS to be pet and loved on, but if you reach for him, he runs away.
He's doing great here with the other dogs, and seems to have settled in quickly to our routine.
I look forward to the day the he'll voluntarily let me pet him. :)


And Mr. Chiweenie is ADOPTED!
His new family saw him at 2 different adoption events, and decided that he needed their home. They have a calm environment, 2 other dogs, and plenty of time to give him to settle in and learn to trust them.
I'm so happy for little Joey! Every dog deserves a great home, and he's found his!

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